The penetration and coverage of mobile phones are reaching similar feats of television and radio in the previous century. Mobile apps are integral to enterprises as they lead to new revenue streams, channelize communication bottlenecks, increase customer base and help them deliver agile and scalable solutions.

Technotery helps enterprises achieve their mobile aspirations and makes sure that their mobile apps provide a seamless experience to users who would keep coming back to their apps over and over again, which will eventually let the word out about their business.

Whether you want to reach your targeted consumers through utility apps, business apps, social networking apps, chat apps, medical apps, restaurant or food based apps, multimedia apps, payment gateway apps, customized apps, or specific company website apps – you name it and we’ll create it.


An image representing one of the services offered by Technotery as part of its Mobile Apps Solutions which is building Native AppsNative Apps An image representing one of the services offered by Technotery as part of its Mobile Apps solutions which is Interactive Cross Platform and Hybrid AppsInteractive Cross-Platform and Hybrid Apps An image representing one of the services offered by Technotery as part of its Mobile Apps Solutions which is building In-App Customer Centric Engagement ModelsIn-App Customer Centric Engagement Models An image representing one of the features offered by Technotery as part of its Mobile Apps Solutions which is captivating UI-UX DesignCaptivating UI-UX Design

Our native iOS development services cover your product’s entire lifecycle, from ideation, business strategy, and design to App Store Submission and future-proofing. We build you a product team comprised of vetted mobile experts who specialize in iOS development and who have launched successful products across the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV platforms for some of the world’s largest organizations. Whether your mobile app needs to store data in the Cloud, communicate with connected home devices, allow in-app purchases, support Apple Pay services, handle user requests with voice technology, or integrate machine learning models, we have the right expertise to build you best-in-class functionality.

Native Android Development

Our native Android app development services have helped Fortune 500 companies deliver custom Android applications that run seamlessly on the full range of Android devices. We offer specialized Android development teams who handle the entire development process to Google Play submission. Our mobile experts can help you leverage Google Cloud technologies, implement Google Pay and in-app purchases, integrate Google Assistant, simplify sign-in processes with Google Identity Platform, and we haven’t even scratched the surface.

UX/UI Design

Our mobile app design services are integrated with product strategy and development. From ideation to final polish, our UX/UI design process focuses on creating user-centric mobile solutions that delight users, make lives easier, enhance brand reputations, and strengthen customer-company relationships. Designing for mobile requires a specific set of expertise to reframe complex business scenarios from a customer’s perspective and create an experience that consistently drives business value. Our design team is experts in the principles of interaction-design and uses an iterative approach to problem-solving so they can help companies tackle business problems in human-centric ways.

Connected TV App Development

Our end-to-end connected TV development services have helped leading enterprises across industries to enhance their personalized brand experience, improve engagement and drive viewership. With specific expertise in live streaming, VOD and OTT product development, our specialized team of Connected TV developers, designers, quality assurance analysts and project managers have built seamless platforms for Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Tizen TV, Chromecast and more.

Our Connected TV development success comes from:

  • Our custom agile approach enabling low risk development, flexible architecture, and predictable project velocity.
  • A deep focus on scalability, security, and efficient release management.
  • Leveraging and integrating third-party tools (BrightCove, Urban Airship etc).
  • Our highly collaborative, transparent and agile team structure.
  • Specific UX/UI design expertise for connected devices.
  • On-going platform updates, maintenance and support.

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