Meet the next era of supercomputing. HPE Cray supercomputers are one of our most significant technology advancements in decades. With it, we’re introducing revolutionary capabilities for revolutionary questions. HPE Cray supercomputers are the next era of supercomputing for your next era of science, discovery, and achievement.

Supercomputing Redesigned

Rethought and re-engineered, we’ve created an entirely new solution to address today’s diversifying needs. Hardware and software innovations tackle challenges that emerge when core counts increase, compute node architectures proliferate, and workflows expand to incorporate AI at scale.

Flexibility for Today and Tomorrow

As your workloads rapidly evolve, the ability to choose your architecture becomes critical. With HPE Cray supercomputing, you can incorporate multiple silicon processing choices—or a heterogeneous mix—with a single management and application development infrastructure. Flex from single to multisocket nodes, GPUs, FPGAs, and other processing options that may emerge, such as AI-specialized accelerators.

Exascale computing era networking

HPE Slingshot is our new high-speed, purpose-built supercomputing interconnect. It features Ethernet capability, advanced adaptive routing, unique congestion control, and sophisticated quality-of-service capabilities. Support for both IP-routed and remote memory operations broaden the range of applications beyond traditional modeling and simulation.

Performs like a supercomputer, Runs like a cloud

The HPE Cray software stack is built on literally decades of supercomputing expertise and is now coupled with a container based model to deliver a new standard in manageability, reliability, availability, resiliency, and interoperability.  Seamlessly scale from development on their laptop or in the cloud to production on a supercomputer.

New era of HPC storage – the best of both worlds

High performance computing storage that is as well suited for the unique storage demands of AI as traditional all-flash enterprise file storage and is as scalable and cost effective as traditional parallel storage.


HPE Cray supercomputers support multiple processor architectures and accelerator options. Additionally, they are architected for forward compatibility with next-generation blades and servers. HPE Cray supercomputers are available in two configurations.

HPE Cray EX supercomputer

For highest density and efficiency, liquid-cooled cabinetry supports direct liquid cooling of all components in a highly dense bladed configuration. These cabinets contain eight chassis, each of which supports up to eight compute and eight switchblades. The orthogonal orientation of compute to switchblades enables a cable less connection.

A standard 19″ rack configuration is also available and gives flexibility for smaller and also air-cooled solutions.  The current compute platform is the Apollo 2000 Gen10 Plus with 4 AMD® EPYC® 7002 nodes in a 2U compute server with HPE Cray software and HPE Slingshot networking installed.

HPE Cray supercomputers enable you to tackle infrastructure challenges that require the fusion of modeling and simulation workloads with analytics, AI, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to create a single business-critical workflow. Today’s high-performance computing systems must be able to handle these massive and converged workloads, leading to a supercomputing sea-change.

With the imperative to navigate increasingly diverse and complex workloads, the next generation of supercomputers will be differentiated by exascale performance, data-centric workloads, and diversification of processor architectures.
HPE Cray supercomputers deliver application HPC and AI performance at scale, provide a flexible solution for tens to hundreds to thousands of nodes, and deliver consistent, predictable, and reliable performance, facilitating high productivity on large-scale workflows.

What’s New

  • The HPE Cray EX235a Accelerator Blade with AMD Instinct™ MI-Next Series accelerator and 3rd Gen AMD EPYC processor.
  • The HPE Cray EX235n Accelerator Blade with options for both NVIDIA A100 40GB and A100 80GB.

Key Features

Flexible Hardware Infrastructure

HPE Cray supercomputers support multiple processor architectures and accelerator options. Additionally, they are architected for forward compatibility with next-generation blades and servers. HPE Cray supercomputers are available in two configurations.

For increased density and efficiency, the HPE Cray EX liquid-cooled cabinetry supports all components’ direct liquid cooling in a highly dense bladed configuration. These cabinets can support processors up to 530W, and highly dense configurations of up to 512 processors per cabinet.

HPE Cray supercomputers are also available in a standard 19-inch rack configuration with HPE Cray software and HPE Slingshot networking, including a 19-inch top-of-rack HPE Slingshot switch. The current platforms for the standard rack solutions are the HPE Apollo 2000 and 6500 Gen10 Plus Systems.

Breakthrough Interconnect

HPE Cray supercomputers revolutionary design features the HPE Slingshot interconnect and delivers a high-performing interconnect solution built on high radix. These 64-port switches which enable scaling to hundreds of thousands of nodes with only three hops in a Dragonfly topology.

The 64-port switch provides 12.8 Tb/s of bandwidth. Each port operates at 200 Gb/s per direction and can provide an Ethernet edge or HPC fabric functionality. Edge ports connect to supported Ethernet NIC or external routers at 100GbE or 200GbE.

The HPE Slingshot switch is available in a liquid-cooled blade form factor for the HPE Cray EX infrastructure and in a 2U air-cooled form factor for standard 19-inch rack deployments. The internal switch logic is the same for both environments.

HPE Slingshot contains several innovative features to consistently deliver reliable high performance under heavy usage, including adaptive routing that sends packets dynamically based on real-time, global information on load inside the network, and advanced congestion control mechanisms.

With a growing focus on data-centric computing and the convergence of AI and HPC workloads, interoperability has become an increasingly important consideration. HPE Slingshot is based on industry-standard Ethernet, which enables straightforward connectivity with standard datacenter environments.

Redesigned Software Stack

The HPE Cray supercomputer can maneuver the convergence of HPC, AI, and data analytics workloads, coupled with explosive data growth. Today’s supercomputers will have to handle exabytes of data in order to enable modern workloads to run in a productive, reliable, and expedient manner.

Built on decades of supercomputing expertise, the HPE Cray software stack adds the productivity of cloud and data center interoperability to the power of supercomputing to bring you a new standard in manageability, reliability, availability, and resiliency.

The stack provides a comprehensive HPE Cray System Management suite for administrators, a hardened low-jitter HPE Cray OS, as well as the HPE Cray Programming Environment software development toolchain for developers.

Integrated Storage Solution

Integrated with the HPE Cray supercomputers, the Cray ClusterStor E1000 Storage Systems is purpose-engineered to meet the demanding input/output requirements of supercomputers and HPC clusters in a very efficient way.

The parallel storage solution typically achieves the given HPC storage requirements with significantly fewer storage drives than alternative storage offerings, allowing HPC users with a fixed budget to spend more of their budget on CPU/GPU compute nodes accelerating time-to-insight