Veriato specializes in providing insight and actionable intelligence into the activities and behaviors of users: employees, contractors, and those who seek to steal their credentials. Learn why security-focused industries, from defense to healthcare, trust Veriato to protect their most sensitive data.

Analyze, Detect, Prioritize, and Respond to Insider Threats

Data Leak Prevention

Veriato User & Entity Behavior Analytics identify meaningful anomalies in resource access and data movement — the type of deviations that occur during insider attacks.

Cost Per Security Incident

Businesses are more vulnerable to these attacks because traditional security investments fail to detect insider threats.

Intellectual Property Theft Prevention

Veriato creates a system of record of insider activity. Combined with our robust alerting and reporting, you gain the ability to detect and prevent IP theft.

High-Risk Insider Monitoring

Gain insight into behavioral patterns and deep visibility into online activity of privileged users and at-risk insiders needed for a robust data protection strategy.

Source of Data Breaches

In a recent 451 Research survey, insider threats ranked as the 2nd highest cybersecurity concern and the fastest growing among organizations.

Insider Incident Response

CSIRT teams worldwide use Veriato to gain swift understanding of the size, scope, and severity of insider driven incidents, enabling rapid and accurate response.

Employee Investigations

Used every day to create the definitive record of user actions. Tested and proven reliable over and again, Veriato is the tool you need for eyes on glass investigations.

Employee monitoring and investigation

Workplace Productivity Solutions

Aggregate information on the day-to-day activity within your organization, and use high-value reports to increase the top line and improve the bottom line.

Veriato Insider Threat Detection Solution

Insider threat ranks as the #1 fastest growing cybersecurity concern according to a recent survey of 4,500 CIOs and technology leaders across the world

In 2017, 60% of security breaches involved internal actors

The median days to resolution of an insiderBreach is 50 days, second only to Malicious Code at 55 days, but more than double Ransomware (22), Web Attacks (21), Phishing (20), Denial of Service (18), Stolen Services (14), Malware (6) and Botnets (2)

Sources of Insider Threat:


Entitled Eddie

This insider believes he has an unquestionable right to his work product, even when he intends to take it with him and use it to compete with his current employer. He exploits his access to the work product and his knowledge of valuable information for personal gain. He typically acts alone.


Disgruntled Debbie

Unlike some insiders, Disgruntled Debbie is not motivated by financial gain. Instead, she feels justified in exacting revenge on the organization for real or preceived slights. There are many well known causes of employee disgruntlement. Luckily, she is more predictbale and easier to detect than other malicious insiders.


The Ringleader

This insider does not work alone. She wants more than what she helped create. She wants information she doesn’t have access to because it falls outside of the scope of her responsibilities. Often, Ringleaders want to go into business for themselves or work for the competitor. They are typically motivated by financial gain.


The Imposter

An external actor who has gained accesss to insider credentials or a former insider who has retained access logins. Imposters typically target individual, service, or shared accounts as well as other privileged credentials.


The Mole

The Mole is the quintessential double agent. Working inside a company, but works for the benefit of an outside entity. The Mole typically possesses specialized skills “often in science or engineering” involved in creating IP and has access to the organization’s most critical data

  • 52% of employees who leave an organization say they take sensitive data with them.
  • 59% of data security breaches are from internal sources.

Data Leak

Traditional preventative security measures need to be augmented with tools built to capture, analyze and when needed, alert on insider activity and behavior. DLP solutions are not built to deal with the intentional, malicious insider. The list of widely publicized leaks and breaches stemming from inappropriate access to corporate data is long and growing steadily.

Intellectual Property Theft

Experts consistently maintain that upwards of 70% of a corporation’s value is found in Intellectual Property (“IP”). While IP theft represents a small percentage of the number of insider attacks, as much as 50% of the economic damage stemming from insider threats is a result of the theft of intellectual property. Securing critical information like trade secrets has never been more critical.

Privilege Abuse

All employees have some level of access to corporate data and systems. Some, by the nature of their positions, have elevated privileges. Frequently these are employees involved in the creation of the products and services that make up the organization’s value proposition or have access to sensitive data types like customer records, financial information, and employee PII, and sensitive systems that, if subject to sabotage, can bring an organization to a halt.

In all Insider Threat cases, having a solution in place that focuses on the activities and behaviors of the people interacting with corporate resources fills a critical blind spot, and gives the organization the visibility it needs to detect risk, and prevent attack.

How We Help

The Veriato Approach to Insider Threat Detection

Our solution combines the most complete visibility into user activity with the benefits of user behavior analysis. This translates into more chances to detect, and prevent, an insider attack.

Improve Workplace Productivity: Employee Productivity Tracking

Benefits of employee productivity tracking

Monitoring employee behavior doesn’t mean you don’t trust your employees. Rather, it provides you with the data you need to empower your employees to do and feel their best.

Identify what’s working

Employee productivity tracking helps you see what tools are most effective, what times of day prove most productive, and get an overall picture of how and when your employees work best. This information will allow you to create an optimum environment and toolkit to bolster productivity.

Streamline processes

Monitoring software assists in tasks like timekeeping and attendance tracking to give you accurate information instead of relying on reports that are subject to human error.

Keeps focus

The very fact that employees know they are being monitored usually helps minimize distractions and inappropriate conduct. Being transparent with monitoring practices can encourage productivity – and increase employee confidence in resolving problems thanks to the accuracy of collected data.

More frequent communication

Be responsible Set limits If employees are being monitored, it keeps the door wide open for communication. Productivity issues are flagged quicker, so they can be addressed immediately. It also makes evaluating employees easier, which encourages more frequent conversations about performance – rather than one dreaded annual review.
Improve Workplace Productivity:

Considerations for workplace productivity monitoring

Start with legal

Each state and country has different monitoring and privacy laws and regulations. Talk with your legal counsel about those considerations before customizing an employee productivity tracking plan.

Be transparent

Be open with your employees about your organization’s tracking methods. Make it clear that their actions are subject to monitoring and explain the benefits of it.

Be Responsible

Keep the data you collect secure, and confidential. Restrict access to only those who need to review it – and only make it available at those review times.

Set Limits

Only monitor corporate data, not personal material such as social media or online banking access. Don’t single any person or protected group (age, race, gender, etc.) for monitoring.

Workplace Productivity Solutions

Thousands of companies deploy Veriato software to monitor employee productivity. We provide analytics and tracking tools to measure different aspects of employee behavior. Deploy Veriato to get a better picture of your organization’s day-to-day behavior and create high-level reports, which you can use to improve productivity and empower your employees.

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