ELO Digital Office GmbH is a leading provider of enterprise content management (ECM) software. The Stuttgart-based company specializes in digital solutions for businesses of all sizes across every industry. ELO Digital Office has been in the market for more than 20 years.

With business software for enterprise content management (ECM), you can digitize your business processes and all information management in your company.

Efficient processes, the availability of information no matter where and when, and automated processing are key factors for business success. They require a powerful leading software solution – an intelligent ECM system that is as flexible and versatile as the organizations, companies, and groups using it.

This is where ELO ECM Suite comes into play, digitizing your business processes to save you valuable time while reducing your costs and enhancing the security of your company data.

A glimpse at ELO ECM Suite

Keep track of your business with customized views of your company data.

Intelligently analyze data

Get the most out of your company’s information resources with the smart ELO Analytics component. Connect data from different sources within ELO ECM Suite: For example, you can analyze the current cashflow or ongoing contracts and generate valuable insights for your business.

  • Customizable options for analyzing data from your ELO system
  • Visualize data with the help of diagrams, tag clouds, or metrics
  • Dashboards can be combined as you’d like and auto-refresh in real-time

Manage processes digitally

With ELO ECM Suite and ELO workflows,you can digitize your business processes and control them automatically. This helps users complete transactions faster, grant approvals more quickly, and make more informed decisions. ELO workflows also provide numerous options for modeling your processes based on your requirements. ELO ECM Suite is your custom tool for managing your processes.

  • Configure custom business processes
  • Track decisions and establish accountability
  • Multiple options for analyzing processes

With the integrated workflow designer, you can model your business processes according to your needs.

Intelligent tools such as ELO Smart Input speed up automated document processing.

Process documents automatically

ELO ECM Suite features numerous intelligent tools to enable fast, automated processing of paper-based and digital documents in the mailroom. With ELO Smart Input, for example, you save a great deal of time processing incoming documents, be it invoices, order forms, or contracts. The tool automatically recognizes the document types and extracts the relevant information in the blink of an eye. This data is available for further processing right away.

  • Digitize incoming documents and replace manual tasks with automated processes
  • Intelligent tools for convenient data captur
  • File and process e-mails automatically

Find information at the blink of an eye

Integrated in ELO ECM Suite, the intelligent ELO iSearch helps you find documents and information within a matter of seconds. ELO iSearch searches your entire ELO software as well as integrated third-party applications such as ERP, CRM, and e-mail systems.

  • Integrated search functions
  • Locate information in full text contents and metadata
  • Intelligent, combinable search filters

Alternative suggestions and synonyms related to the search term entered

Your personal information hub My ELO opens when you start ELO ECM Suite.

Optimize collaboration

ELO ECM Suite offers numerous useful tools for optimized, efficient efficient collaboration. The ELO feed provides a platform for exchanging information about documents and communicating with colleagues.

  • Exchange information within ELO ECM Suite
  • Group topics using hashtags and carry out polls among colleagues
  • On-the-spot information with My ELO

Manage data in accordance with law

ELO ECM Suite offers the platforms and tools required to ensure compliance with data privacy and security requirements. Thanks to advanced encryption technology, your business data is stored securely at all times. Access control, logging, and a sophisticated permissions system ensure additional protection.

  • Encrypt sensitive data and label personal data
  • Compliance with and monitoring of retention obligation and deadline
  • Audit trail of changes and non-modifiable version history

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