The Classifier Platform contains everything your users need to start classifying in their standard office applications, whether using Windows or MacOS. The Classifier Platform offers a consistent, intuitive user interface that brings classification into daily routine for your users in as little as a single click.

  • Email Classifier adds message classification capabilities to Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes
  • Office Classifier Incorporates data classification into the primary productivity tools of Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint – and also Visio and Project
  • Mac Classifier supports each user incorrectly classifying documents and emails as they are worked on within the Microsoft Office for Mac applications
  • File Classifier provides users with the means to classify any file held in Windows File Store and review its
    classification status
  • Build classification into routine tasks using Power Classifier for Files

Comprehensive Administrative Tools

Empowers your system administrators to easily manage and evolve your organisations classification scheme

  • Power Classifier for Files enables classification of large volumes of legacy data or data at rest, and can be used by scripts and other applications to automate classification tasks
  • Classifier Administration offers an easily-navigable, unified console for quick set up and control of your Boldon James Classifier components

End To End Classification For Unstructured Data

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Enforce Communications Protocols And Keep Communications Secure

Introducing SAFEmail® military and intelligence messaging.

SAFEmail® extends COTS Microsoft Outlook and Exchange message functionality to enhance military and intelligence messaging capabilities. SAFEmail® enables the safe handling and control of a wide range of sensitive data from unclassified data to the high levels of restricted Government Classifications, at SECRET and above, across a variety of messaging environments. These capabilities allow organisations to protectively-mark emails and enforce security policies together with support for NATO compliant messaging standards such as RFC6477, STANAG 4406 and 4774/8 to ensure interoperability across nations.

  • Enhanced security with controlled document access
  • Conform to international and NATO military messaging standards
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange
  • Drive encryption and documents & records management solutions (EDRMS)

Using Microsoft Exchange As A Military Message Handling System (MMHS)

Alan Borland, SAFEmail Product Manager at Boldon James, joins us for this instalment of the Boldon James Uncovered Series. This time, we’re discussing using Microsoft Exchange as a Military Message Handling System. Alan talks through the NATO military messaging standards that are currently in place, and the shift we have seen in these in recent years, as well as looking at how Boldon James assists in defence and intelligence messaging environments.

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