A Collaborative and Integrated Cybersecurity framework provides pervasive infrastructure visibility, obtains situational awareness into the content of all network traffic and discrete behaviour of entities operating across the network, enables actionable intelligence and immediate threat investigations. The ability to provide forensic analysis on massive archives for incident investigation, scalability and powerful analytics and the ability to automate processes, reduce incident time, and adapt to changing threats, while initiating automated security incident remediation.


Digital Footprint

Attackers performing reconnaissance will often find unknown, unprotected, and unmonitored assets to use as attack vectors. For a large enterprise, unknown assets often exist by the hundreds and are typically easy for even novice hackers and threat groups to find, because they’re unmonitored, they provide an easy way in and out. Extend your vulnerability management program by augmenting your detection capabilities with external threat intelligence, by continuously mapping and discovering your digital attack surface to provide an ‘outside-in’ view of your organisation you provide your security and IT teams with the information to identify unknowns, prioritise risk, eliminate threats, and extend vulnerability/exposure control beyond the firewall.

Risk Intelligence

In this digital age businesses are continuously at risk from cyber threats and the risks associated with business interruption. These risks have increased dramatically in recent years as threats develop and become more advanced. Detecting novel attacks and insider threats at an early stage is no easy task, business requires a solution that can spot the subtle signals of an advanced attack — without relying on rules or signatures, a solution that uses unsupervised machine learning to understand the good from the bad on your network, from your users and devices to your cloud infrastructure and everything in between. By monitoring the entire environment organisations benefit from a unified view of their entire digital estate.

Vulnerability Management

Digital Transformation brings new opportunities —but also exposes you to new security risks. There are new vulnerabilities, new regulations and new tools appearing all the time.

Our solution is the industry’s most advanced, scalable and extensible for continuous vulnerability management and compliance. As a cloud-based service, it provides immediate, global visibility into where IT systems may be vulnerable to the latest Internet threats and how to protect them. It helps you to continuously identify threats and monitor unexpected changes across a network before they turn into breaches. The solution provides fast deployment, unparalleled accuracy and scalability, as well as its rich integration with other enterprise security systems

Real-time Visibility & Response

The events of 2020 have paved the way to a new type of enterprise; one that empowers employees to work in whichever way best suits them. As the world moves from office-based to anywhere-based, endpoint management is critical to ensure optimum performance and security.

Businesses will need detailed visibility of all the assets that are now remotely connecting into the environment and possess the ability to remediate any security configurations or drift “on the fly”

By combining a lightweight agent & fine-grained policies, business can enforce a “Guaranteed State” on the endpoints and changes will be reverted to their original state in a matter of seconds, furthermore “real-time” patch status provides visibility in to the patching process with the ability to remediate as issues arise.

Business can now provide a “Digital Experience” that ensures the health of every monitored endpoint by checking their responsiveness, performance, and stability, this telemetry is used to perform root cause analysis to ensure that any issues are proactively dealt with before the employee logs a ticket.

Next-Generation SIEM

Intelligence technology has fundamentally changed the way cyberattacks are detected by focusing on attacker behaviour rather than ever-changing malware and tools. By utilising “Smart-Timelines” security teams can now shine a spotlight on suspicious network activity and reduce the noise of false positive security alerts.

User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA) aims to provide the next generation of machine learning algorithm capabilities to the traditional SIEM event collection and correlation platforms.

Traditionally SIEM technologies have relied on the creation of rules in order to generate alerts and trigger actions, UEBA aims to eliminate the need to create rules and rather rely on machine learning to flag anomalies and risks based on machine learning and trending analysis against users and devices in the environment.

The “Smarter SIEM” allows businesses to

  • Collect unlimited log data
  • Detect and investigate complex and insider threat attacks
  • Automate and orchestrate incident response

With the rapid adoption of cloud-based services it is essential that your SIEM platform can ingest the audit data from these platforms, allowing business to detect and defend against attacks on these platforms.

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