A Website Vulnerability Assessment is an automated process which scans your website regularly and uncovers known software flaws, outdated software and risky default configurations on your website that an attacker could use to hack your website.

Just as you would put an alarm system for your home to protect your belongings, your business needs regular vulnerability assessments to identify intrusions. Vox vulnerability assessments offer an automated bi-weekly scan with an emailed report highlighting areas of risk that can be used by your web designer to correct the flaws in your website.

website vulnerability assessment

  • Uncover security flaws in you website before cyber criminals do
  • Identify when unauthorised people have access to your website
  • Identify outdated software versions
  • Provide your web developer with flaws to fix

Identify potential breaches

Vulnerability scans gives you a proactive approach to closing any gaps that cyber criminals could use to breach your system.

Identify software vulnerabilities

Data breaches are often the result of unpatched vulnerabilities, so identifying and eliminating these security gaps by receiving recommendations that will help secure your website.

Lower risk of cyber attacks

Security breaches can be costly, not only exposing your data but also resulting in downtime.

Validate the effectiveness of current security

Conducting regular vulnerability assessment determines whether your current security systems are operating as intended.

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