If so, then we won’t even ask when you last assessed your security program… we’ve got a pretty good guess. But don’t sweat it—many security teams can’t free up the time and resources to analyze their program, or uncover the insight they need to improve it. That’s why we’re here. Secur Advisory Services can help you not only get unstuck, but move with purpose.

Secur’s Advisory Services were designed with your realities in mind, built to help you prioritize your security initiatives, align them with your business, and get it all done yesterday.

Security Program Development

Whatever your organization’s security needs – from creating vulnerability management programs to developing security policy and everything in-between – we’ll help you build out process and collateral to run any facet of your security program.

Our recommendations provide the foundation for a sustainable investment in people, processes, and technology, as well as measurable cybersecurity improvements in a timeframe appropriate to your organization.

Threat Modelling

Want to know what it takes to implement a sophisticated security program? Not so fast! There’s something else you need to know first: yourself. Super deep, we know. But think about it: Until you understand your most coveted assets, your most exploitable weaknesses, and the threats most relevant to your organization, how can you be sure what your security program even needs to accomplish? Secur’s Threat Modeling services can help you know thyself—and apply that insight to better secure your environment.

Secur’s unique Threat Modeling service models threats in specific environments and at-risk business processes (payments, account management, B2B data exchanges, etc.) or specific IT environments (workstations, mobile devices, website, API, etc.), providing you the insight to:

  • Focus effort on fixing the most important issues and understand potential attack scenarios for the system
  • Identify forgotten or overlooked areas and improve focus by using realistic threats for threat agents you’re most likely to face
  • Learn the threat modeling state of mind yourself, with reusable models that can be kept up to date (workshop/training included)

Cyber Security Maturity Assessment (CSMA)

Before you can evolve your security program, you need to know where it stands. That’s why we created our CSMA service. Our experienced team will help you:

Assess current conditions
We perform a thorough evaluation of the current state of controls and gain an understanding of the organizational risk appetite and business objectives.

Analyze gaps
Industry best practices are compared to your organization’s current controls and optimal changes are identified to build a relevant, actionable, and sustainable security program.

Align with your needs
Customized around your particular threats, risk appetite, and business goals, our program development engagements take a holistic view of your organization and the need to align with various standards such as CIS Critical Security Controls, ISO, NIST, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and various maturity models.

Cyber Security Foundational Assessment (CSFA)

Inspired by Secur’s popular Cyber Security Maturity Assessment service, CSFA is built specifically for the unique needs of smaller organizations. It deploys Secur experts to help you define the fundamental parts of your security program, develop better “security situational awareness,” and create a solid foundation for program development.

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