Our secure, environmentally friendly services ensure the proper destruction and disposal of sensitive paper documents, plastics, and electronic media.

You’ll save time and money while gaining total confidence your information is handled with the utmost care and security.

Secure document destruction helps your organisation:

  • Protect your reputation by safeguarding sensitive and confidential information.
  • Reduce costs of managing information assets that are no longer useful or necessary to your organisation.
  • Ensure compliance with regulations for information destruction to help you avoid penalties, fines, or even legal action.

Our Secure Shredding services are the safe, reliable and cost-effective way to destroy sensitive information and records. You’ll gain peace-of-mind knowing your business documents are shredded by trained and vetted specialists who follow auditable chain-of-custody procedures and all materials are disposed of in a secure and environmentally friendly manner.

Secur offers secure shredding services to organisations across Africa, we are leaders in shredding highly sensitive and classified documents, we employ a proven set of technologies to achieve 100% destruction of your sensitive material

Secure Offsite Shredding

Ongoing, verified destruction of sensitive paper documents and plastics such as backup tapes, DVDs, X-Rays and other non-paper media.

How it works:

Collection containers are placed in appropriate locations on your premises. At regularly scheduled service intervals, trained specialists collect the containers for transport to a secure destruction centre.

Containers are processed and their contents destroyed using proprietary procedures and commercial-grade shredding equipment. All non-recoverable by-product materials are recycled, and a certificate of destruction is provided.

Special Purge or Shredding Projects

Sometimes regularly scheduled destruction services don’t make sense. For periodic or one-time shredding, Secur offers a range of Special Project Destruction services that can be customized to meet your organisation’s unique needs.

  • Implementing a new records management programme or retention schedule
  • Completing a tax audit or litigation matter
  • Relocating or consolidating facilities
  • Cleaning out storerooms and file rooms to create extra space

All Special Projects Destruction services are handled with same level of security, consistency and reliability as our recurring services.

Mobile Shredding Service

Due to customer demand Secur now offers a mobile shredding service in selected regions (Gauteng).

Mobile shredding offers customers the opportunity to get directly involved in the destruction process as document movement and shredding can be observed onsite while its happens.

Our customised mobile shredding vehicles are equipped with precision industrial destruction equipment capable of handling large volumes with ease. We still employ comprehensive security controls to ensure that all documents are quickly and securely destroyed and all resulting shredded material is recycled as per normal.


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