While completely preventing ransomware attacks is nearly impossible, security and risk management professionals can take proactive steps to neutralize or mitigate their harm. Basic cyber hygiene remains fundamental. First, that means taking the time to accurately and regularly document the entire configuration of your network.

The Ransomware Defense Assessment evaluates your environment for vulnerabilities exploited by modern, rapidly-evolving ransomware attacks, as seen on the frontlines of Secur’s incident response engagements. Our experts achieve this by assessing the impact a ransomware attack could have on your internal network, discover what data could be jeopardized or lost and test the ability of your security controls to detect and respond to a ransomware attack.

This assessment will help you:

  • Identify specific assets that ransomware can reach
  • Realize security weaknesses that can be exploited by ransomware
  • Minimize the impact of ransomware attacks
  • Reduce your organization’s ransomware attack surface
  • Recognize operational deficiencies in the management of ransomware-related risks

What you get

A detailed report including:

  • An executive summary outlining key strengths and weaknesses of your security controls
  • Technical details of testing performed
  • Detailed findings, categorized by severity
  • Executive briefing

Real attacks. Real learning. Real improvement.

The Ransomware Defense Assessment simulates real-world ransomware by:

  • Scanning for vulnerabilities exploited by ransomware
  • Scanning for files accessible to ransomware
  • Simulating lateral attack movement
  • Simulating ransomware encryption
  • Performing techniques used by threat actors to deploy ransomware

Scanning for points in which ransomware can spread across environments such as:

  • Manufacturing and plant networks
  • Backup infrastructure network
  • Retail network
  • Other secure networks