As enterprise networks – both IT and OT/IoT – become more connected, “security by obscurity” is no longer an adequate defense. Spurred by the sophisticated nature of today’s adversary, the legacy concepts of trusted and untrusted networks have become blurred. Secur has developed its Network Security and Segmentation Service specifically to provide clarify for enterprises regarding the level of network security maturity deployed and to help build and implement improvements.

Secur’s Network Security and Segmentation Service starts with an evaluation of your current decisions and network defense architectures to measure the access and network controls within each environment, identify improvement opportunities, and enhance overall control system segmentation and security.  

It continues with a detailed gap analysis followed by a recommended remediation plan. Implementation of the remediation plan enables:

  • An optimized network architecture
  • Improved network security and hence enterprise security 
  • Network conversion of critical infrastructure networks with zero down-time

Eight domains measured

  • Security frameworks and governance model
  • Network infrastructure hardening
  • Access control layers
  • Network segmentation
  • Visibility and monitoring
  • Network services isolation
  • Operational support
  • User authentication and authorization

Features and benefits

  • Outlines current network security posture plan and identifies gaps
  • Detailed network analysis
  • Network and access control remediation plan
  • Program management and implementation of a security optimized network architecture
  • Monitoring and management of deployed networks
  • Experience in optimizing operational networks with zero impact
  • Extensive program experience with global clients – across a wide range of industries and markets.

Secur  provides this complete lifecycle service to global organizations with critical infrastructure deployments that depend on zero outages and no production downtime. Our experience addressing real-world non-commodity environments sets us apart. We also partner with all leading device vendors across and a broad spectrum of deployment scenarios and have experience with providing both program and management projects.