In today’s 24/7 communications environment we recognise that you need to keep on top of your coverage and profile across social media as well as mainstream news.

We monitor every channel. From national and regional newspapers to business and consumer press, from online news portals to Twitter and forums, from national TV to regional radio stations, our coverage is comprehensive.

Your news in real-time

Our media monitoring and analytics platform integrates social media and mainstream news in a single timeline, enabling users to more quickly and easily identify and share relevant contacts, coverage, analysis and insights.

Clients can quickly identify the influencers they need to reach, the impact of social media and what is driving their coverage and profile. All in real time. This makes it easier to identify trends and themes and share the relevant analysis and insight.

Comprehensive, relevant, immediate

Our service is based on our own software combined with the knowledge of our specialist media teams who can provide expert guidance on what to monitor and review coverage to meet clients’ exact requirements, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can deliver the news as it breaks or at times that are convenient. All on any device.  

Demonstrating our clients’ ROI through comprehensive media monitoring is part of our monthly PR services. Through Scur’s media monitoring, we monitor coverage and performance of press releases, blogs, online news articles, social media activity and other media across:

  • 500 vertical market publications
  • 400 768 websites
  • 879 national television and radio stations
  • 78 Countries


  • Accurate news and media monitoring
  • Caption keyword monitoring
  • Extensive extract, transcoding and burn-in engine
  • Search across program guides, captions and custom meta data
  • Handsard integration

Media Analysis & Reporting

Demonstrate the impact and value of your public relations with automated charts and graphs, strategic analysis and insights, as well as comprehensive monitoring reports.

Use media intelligence to report on your Return on Investment (ROI) and understand the effectiveness of each campaign. Whether you want to report on the volume of news, visitors, content or benchmark against competitors – Secur has you covered.

Understanding the impact

Secur provides the social analytics tools that you need to measure the success of your campaigns, understand your brand reputation and see how you compare against competitors.

Your analysis is driven by the needs of your business strategy and gives you the freedom to report on key insights about your brand profile, campaigns, events, the competition, and more.

Demonstrate ROI

Our manual executive reports and customisable dashboards summarise all of your data so you can communicate campaign effectiveness to the team. The social media dashboard presents analysis across all networks, allowing you to break through the noise and understand what is being said, by who, where, and when.

Demonstrate a return on investment by using metrics to dissect the performance of each campaign and gain valuable insights including volume of coverage, breakdown by date, buzz breakdown, circulation, AVE and many more.

Gain social intelligence

No matter what medium you are targeting and your measurement of choice, there’s no need to get overwhelmed by all the traditional and social media analytics. We aggregate and analyse your data in real-time so you understand how your brand is being portrayed at all times.

Through social sentiment trends, social reports, and advanced analytics we can help you determine which content is performing well and prepare plans for upcoming campaigns. Our intelligence is catered to your needs, so you get the results and the intelligence you need.

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