The availability of skilled cyber security professionals is a looming threat to the effectiveness of a growing number of organisations’ strategies. Maximise asset protection while minimising the cost and resources spent with SIEM.

Managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) services match your specific needs and network vulnerabilities with the latest cyber security technologies and strategies available.

They respond swiftly to network threats, take a proactive approach to rooting out vulnerabilities and handle patching or other routine maintenance. This maximises asset protection while minimising the cost and resources spent.

managed siem

Protect your business-critical systems.

Seccur has developed a state-of-the-art service that addresses organisations’ needs for Security Incident and Event Management.

Our managed SIEM offering protects our customers’ business-critical systems by integrating with world-class security practices and technologies.

  • A comprehensive “CyberFirst” commissioning and operations plan that aligns with your internal processes and business risks to deliver clear business outcomes
  • A fully managed, purposefully developed SIEM and Log Management service
  • 24/365 support:
    • Security monitoring
    • Incident and event reporting
    • Customised dashboard
    • Agreed reporting and engagement models with clear points of contact and escalation
    • On-call access to additional advisory services as required
    • This service is backed by robust Service Level Agreements from our IRAP assessed, Classified Cloud hosting environment, operating at a PROTECTED security classification

Benefits of a Managed SIEM

Managed SIEM gives organisations the ability to monitor cyber threats across their network with immediate log and response times. It’s a vital part of a healthy cyber security strategy, allowing companies to spot threats, act on them and prove regulatory compliance.

  • Agile incident response
  • Faster threat resolution
  • Better visibility into network activity
  • Ongoing reporting
  • Maintain compliance
  • Cost-effective cyber security
  • Maximise return on investment
  • Proactive risk assessment
  • Bespoke design

Maintain Total Business Security With One SIEM Solution

Secure your entire enterprise with the all-in-one security solution.

Unlike other Managed SIEM Services, Sagan provides your enterprise direct access to:

  • Log retention and reporting
  • Behavioral analytics
  • Incident response
  • Malware detonation
  • Honeypots
  • Threat detection and intelligence
  • And more

Get 24/7/365 monitoring by expert engineers based at our SOC-2.

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