The fact is that the most important asset in a business .. its employees .. is also its single biggest threat!  Companies the continent over are making use of Secur’s Background Screening service. In doing so, they are literally taking the risk out of hiring. Secur’s dedication to protecting the interests of our clients has led to our world class vetting service, providing both basic background checks and comprehensive searches.

Secur is a specialist in background screening, we are at the foremost of methods and solutions that lead to enhanced organisational security.

Our services include:

  • Educational qualifications
  • Criminal record history
  • Past employment
  • Driver’s license verification
  • Work permits
  • ID verification
  • Credit checks
  • Address verification
  • Bank accounts
  • Forklift license verification
  • Lifestyle probes
  • Integrity
  • Market reputation
  • Experience

Creating a partnership with Secur allows you to hire employees, knowing full well that the person you are getting is, in fact, the correct investment!

Secur’ screening and vetting services are available for all levels of employment. Our specialist vetting consultants are available to advise you on what level of screening would best suit your needs.

Would you allow a physiotherapist to operate on your back? Then why do so many companies allow HR personnel or labour brokers to vet/screen potential employees?

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Perhaps it is because there is not enough of an understanding of the disadvantages of doing so. The bottom line is that far too often, a ‘false sense of security’ is achieved. Added to this, is the problem of reliable data/archive storage in African countries, including South Africa. Many providers are relying on out-dated, unproven and inaccurate information.

Professional background screening needs to be absolutely thorough and always suspicious – never just accept an answer on face value.

The service provider should operate within the following parameters:

Experience – Investigation experience is preferable as it provides a mindset of questioning. Searching for information can be difficult and inexperienced people may well come up short.

International Sources – In the world we live in today, we are more than ever a global society. Many prospective employees may have trained, lived and worked in foreign countries, therefore, your service provider should have sources and capabilities across the globe. We do.

Accuracy – All information should be quality controlled and personally verified. Final reports should stand up to all checks and queries.

Sources – Service providers’ sources should be their own and not a third party. Stay away from middleman sources. A reputable and professional screening agency will have direct contact with relevant sources.

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