veriatoThe Veriato mission is to provide world-class software and support that enables our customers to protect their most valuable assets, reduce their risk, and gain unparalleled visibility into their operations. Veriato is an innovator in actionable User Behavior Analytics and the global leader in User Activity Monitoring. More than 36,000 companies, schools, and government entities worldwide utilize Veriato solutions to gain insight into the user activity on their network, and enjoy the security and productivity increases that come with it.

Veriato’s award-winning solutions include the world’s leading employee investigation tool (Veriato Investigator), the award-winning insider threat solution (Veriato Recon), enterprise-grade User Activity Monitoring (Veriato 360), and robust Event and Security Log Management (Log Manager).

Secur is a Veriato partner based in South Africa, offering Veriato implementation, integration and support services, these services can be offered even in Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Kenya and Nigeria


Veriato 360

Veriato employee monitoring software provides unmatched visibility into the online and communications activity of employees and contractors.


Purpose-built to collect and monitor full fidelity data on the activity of employees who interact with your IT resources and information



You control what data is collected and when employees are monitored. You control what you can access and review. Granular control provides the flexibility you need.



DVR-like playback plus powerful alerts, intuitive search, quick view panels and scheduled reports minimize time spent getting accurate answers to support good decisions.


Veriato Recon

Veriato Recon behavior analytics software combines machine learning and advanced statistical analysis to uncover indicators of compromise traditional preventative security measures miss, so you can protect your organization from insider attacks

Behavioral Baselines

The behavior analytics software learns the behavior patterns in your company, and evaluates changes versus historical self and peer groups.

Behavioral Analytics Baseline

Anomaly Detection

Changes in behavior are identified in near real-time, and compared to sensitivity settings you control for prioritization.

User Anomaly Detection

Actionable Intelligence

Alerts are triggered on behavioral anomalies most indicative of insider threat in your organization, and rich activity data is stored for rapid review.

Integrated & Intelligent

Cerebral is an AI-powered security platform that integrates User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) with User Activity Monitoring (UAM), allowing rapid Data Breach Response (DBR). The ability to hunt threats by proactively recognizing signs of risk, like changes in an employee’s attitude and behavioral patterns, allows you to move your security posture from reactive to proactive.

Unlike  network monitoring or document tracking, Cerebral immediately alerts  you to who is exhibiting signs of risk, shows you related screen shots so that you can immediately determine the true nature of the incident. This visibility empowers your IT security team to rapidly take action (with 100% confidence) all while gathering the evidence essential to taking legal action.

Best Insider Threat Solution 2020

Risk brdr

Cerebral’s Risk Scoring

At a glance, you’ll see all individual’s with elevated levels of risk. This daily Risk Scoring maximizes efficiency and productivity by allowing your security team to hunt threats proactively.

Cerebral’s AI-based behavior analysis continually tracks each user’s activity and language to create their daily risk score. The Risk Score dashboard shows high scores for each day, trends, recent alerts, and user details. It provides an immediate overview of high risk, user behavior within your organization.

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