We are UiPath and we believe in using the transformative power of automation to liberate the boundless potential of people. A world with a robot for every person is our goal. We’re dedicated to delivering the Fully Automated Enterprise™, one where companies use automation to unlock unlimited growth opportunities. UiPath offers an end-to-end platform for automation, combining the leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution with a full suite of capabilities and techs like AI, Process Mining, and Cloud to enable every organization to rapidly scale digital business operations.

We encourage the best minds to contribute and create the next leap in RPA. Developers of all ranks are building upon the UiPath Community Edition, and to support this growing pool of talent, we brought UiPath Academy to the world as the first open online training and certification platform dedicated to RPA users.

Our focus?

Building the world’s best RPA software.

Our goal?

“Bill Gates used to talk at Microsoft about a computer in every home. I want a robot for every person.” Daniel Dines, CEO

Everything in one package​

Everything in one box

Products, integrations, Kubernetes, and management tools—all preconfigured so you can run things smoothly and enjoy more platform capabilities without increasing overhead. ​

  • Containerized with Kubernetes, integrated​
  • Unified user, tenant, and license management
  • Portal-based access for the users​
  • Azure AD, AD and CyberArk integrations​
  • RPA governance and security built-in​
  • Multiple organizations on the same infrastructure​
  • Fully optimized and fully supported by UiPath

Run the show yourself Automation Suite

One installer, ​one easy update every time​

Install everything on cost-effective Linux server or in Linux VMs, and update everything in one patch with each release.​

  • Single, unified CLI-based install: infrastructure, software dependencies, and UiPath product​
  • In cloud/on-prem Linux VM’s or on bare metal servers ​
  • From air-gapped on-prem to multi-organization hosting​
  • K8s configured and optimized for UiPath, with end-to-end support from us​
Integrated infrastructure ​and cluster management​

Integrated infrastructure ​and cluster management​

All the tools for monitoring, alerting and back-up—including tools for common operations like certificate management—are in the box, and you can integrate them with external systems.

  • Optimized cluster management with CLI and UX experiences, and support for multiple users​
  • Unified cluster monitoring and alerting with support to integrate with external systems​
  • Backup/restore and high availability​
  • Automatic Elastic Scale built in
Easy to try, easy to buy Automation Cloud

Put your robots where the work is​

Get the power of flexible robot options from SaaS to on-prem, all managed and governed from the Automation Cloud via browser, Orchestrator mobile, or API.​

Enterprise-ready automation

Enterprise-ready automation

Rich Azure AD integration, Enterprise Credential Management, Automation Ops for governance, and IT Automation options drive down your TCO, risk and time to ROI.

Automatically discover your business processes

Process mining uses the digital footprints left behind in your systems and applications to show you everything that happens in your processes, and we mean everything!

Understand where automation will deliver the most value

Let process mining help you seek out process pain points and bottlenecks, and what they’re costing you.

Let science guide ​your RPA strategy​

Let science guide ​your RPA strategy​

Reduce complexity; streamline complex, end-to-end business processes with automation.

Infuse process analysis with business logic

Continuously monitor your processes

Use KPIs to measure the impact automation has on end-to-end processes. Know what’s working and what’s not – and how to keep optimizing.

See how Process Mining can help you understand what to automate first

Immediately address problems in your processes by alerting your people or your robots to take action.

In our cloud

  • Discover, automate, and monitor end-to-end processes in UiPath Automation Cloud™​
  • Start quickly with process-specific app templates for order-to-cash and purchase-to-pay to build your Process Mining apps, or create an app for any process
  • Take advantage of the latest product updates as they are released​


  • Discover, automate, and monitor end-to-end processes locally​
  • Select from the full range of process-specific and generic Process Mining app templates
  • Manage your own installation and updates​