trapxTrapX captures Zero Day malware in its virtualized sensor network of honeypots and next-generation malware traps before the malware can inflict significant damage to customers’ data centers or cloud deployments. In contrast with perimeter security solutions, TrapX defenses are embedded at the heart of the network and mission critical infrastructure, without the need for agents or configuration. Cutting-edge malware detection, threat intelligence, forensics analysis, and remediation in a single platform help remove complexity and cost. TrapX gives cloud providers and security teams an asymmetric advantage versus modern advanced threats, and enables them to understand and remediate problems in real time before they become headline news.

Lateral Movement Denied

The Industry’s first software platform that puts Active Defense techniques into action

Advanced Deception – Dynamic Active Defense

The only Deception platform that delivers comprehensive protection, full visibility-at-scale and MITRE ATT&CK integration for enhanced incident response and active defense. Unlike anything else on the market, our lightweight, touch-less technology offers non-disruptive support for a broad array of systems and devices, including IT, OT, IoT, SCADA, ICS, and SWIFT.

What worked before no longer works

The threat landscape has permanently changed. Next-level attacks are proving invisible to conventional security technology, leaving systems and devices exposed.

Activate Active Defense

TrapX DeceptionGrid 7.1 fills a vital gap in layered cybersecurity, providing protection for the expanded surface and the power to deploy Active Defense.

Deception in Depth:
More Traps = Less Risk

TrapsX hides real assets behind traps, forcing attacker into a guessing game. Easy to deploy traps dramatically reduce risk. One trap reduces exposure by 50%; two traps 66%; and so on.

Deception Without Limits – Broad integrated deployments through a unified platform

Emulated traps are the backbone of our Unified Platform. It is the only solution that integrates lures, emulated traps and full interaction traps technology in a single platform.

Active Defense Scorecard (ADS)

Test and validate your trap environment’s effectiveness against MITRE ATT&CK techniques. Working with the ATT&CK framework, you can proactively plan your Active Defense strategy

MITRE ATT&CK Integration

Traps expose Techniques and Sub-techniques active within network. Lateral movement insight can be traced back to attack groups for an aligned Active Defense strategy.

Fast, Simple, Adaptable Deployment

Advanced Cloud or on-premise technology and hundreds to thousands of traps that can be activated within just minutes facilitate Active Defense and deliver fast time-to-value

Non-Disruptive Operation

Out-of-band agentless technology with no endpoint processing or computing. Non-disruptive implementation of even the most advanced functionality.

TrapX Flex™

The industry’s first Deception as a Service (DaaS) solution for the New Normal

Visibility & Protection from Remote Employee Risk

Reduce remote worker risk with end-to-end visibility and control for Security Operations – from endpoints, to the Cloud, to critical corporate assets. Deliver fast time-to-value including a hosted, turnkey solution with 24×7 monitoring, analysis & response services, configured for remote worker environments.

The New Normal

Remote work is here to stay and it’s pushing security into a new reality of Shadow IT, IoT, Cloud adoption, blind spots, vulnerability and risk exposure.

  • Endpoint Fitness Audit of Remote Worker Endpoints

    Fast, lightweight audit to assess patch levels, protection and connections, visualized through an intuitive summary dashboard and heatmap

  • Agentless Endpoint Lures

    Invisible to the end user, VPN credentials, files, browser history, etc. (lures) coax the attacker away from real assets and into emulated traps

  • Emulated Cloud and Corporate Traps

    Lures direct attacker to VPN, Internet-facing Cloud traps and Corporate traps. Malicious activity is detected, and attacker’s TTPs are exposed

  • Hosted Security Console

    Attack Visualization displays alert signals and attack intelligence, giving Security Operations valuable visibility and insight

Monitoring and Analysis

TrapX alerts are monitored by our analysts 24×7. Our experts provide identification, analysis, investigation, triage and classification

  • Notification

    TrapX analysts deliver recommended mitigation steps within hours of an incident

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