tintriTintri maximizes performance for your applications and the people who manage them. With all-flash storage and software for virtualized workloads, Tintri automatically manages each application, so you don’t have to. That means you’re free from decades-old storage constraints so you can spend your time on high-impact projects.

Secur is a Tintri Platinium partner based in South Africa, offering Tintri implementation, integration and support services, these services can be offered even in Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Kenya and Nigeria

It all started in a basement

It was 2008 and just 2% of workloads were virtualized, but Kieran anticipated the rapid adoption of virtualization. He had seen first hand that legacy storage was poorly suited to virtualized workloads—organizations had to supply experts for constant manual intervention.

And changed the data center

Kieran attracted a team of experts to re-imagine and re-build storage from the ground-up specifically for virtualized workloads. Since then we’ve launched numerous generations of all-flash storage and highly differentiated software. We’ve saved thousands of organizations hundreds-of-thousands of hours of management effort and millions of dollars.

With more firsts in the future

The team at Tintri continues to push the envelope. We’ve filed more than 50 patents for our file system, predictive analytics, scale-out software and more.

We’re the first all-flash platform to enable VM-level storage actions—the ability to replicate, clone, snapshot and set QoS on individual virtual machines. Our roadmap emphasizes machine learning, analytics and enterprise cloud capabilities—more firsts lie ahead.

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“The team at Tintri can’t wait to see what becomes possible with this cutting-edge and highly-adaptive technology at your fingertips.  Witnessing your achievements truly drives us to continue to innovate and give you the best storage management platform to meet your current and evolving needs.

Our greatest source of fulfillment is watching our customers reach their full potential and productivity!”


All-NVMe drive-based lineup

Better performance and capacity at similar price points than previous generation


Flexible configuration – pick a performance level and pick the amount of storage capacity


Simple cost-based optimization – The addition of the T7040 and T7060 enables complete power and capacity choice across all T7000 configurations

Multiple Concurrent Hypervisors and Database Management Systems

The Smartest Way to Manage Data Growth and Complexity

Tintri, the leader in Intelligent Infrastructure, provides solutions that combine autonomous operations with real-time insights and AI-driven analytics, enabling organizations to reduce storage management costs by up to 95%.

Storage Management

Tintri Global Center (TGC) automatically controls each of your apps. You simply set policies for service levels, cloning, snapshots, and replication: all at the application level. Plus, TGC federates up to 64 VMstore systems for simpler and easier resource management.
  • Manage and monitor up to 64 systems as one, with complete visibility into all individual VMs or containers.
  • Set up groups, then apply data protection and service level policies that apply across your footprint – no manual intervention required.
  • Push “execute” and let VMstore do the rest – crunching one million stats about your apps every ten minutes to recommend the best app placement for optimum utilization and performance.

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