sumo logicSumo Logic is the pioneer in continuous intelligence, a new category of software, which enables organizations of all sizes to address the data challenges and opportunities presented by digital transformation, modern applications, and cloud computing. The Sumo Logic Continuous Intelligence Platform™ automates the collection, ingestion, and analysis of application, infrastructure, security, and IoT data to derive actionable insights within seconds. More than 2,100 customers around the world rely on Sumo Logic to build, run, and secure their modern applications and cloud infrastructures. Sumo Logic delivers its platform as a true, multi-tenant SaaS architecture, across multiple use-cases, enabling businesses to thrive in the Intelligence Economy.

Secur is a platinum Sumo Logic partner, providing sales and support services to customers across Africa. Our main markets are South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Kenya and Nigeria

Analyze your data differently

Don’t settle for legacy solutions to modern problems.

sumo logic

An enterprise-grade, secure multi-tenant architecture

Our service processes more than 200+ petabytes of data and handles 20+ million queries daily for over 2,100 enterprises around the world.

An elastic solution to scale as you need

Instantly scalable analytics that will never lock you out or slow you down — no matter how much data you send or how many people use it.

Cloud economics for all your data

Cloud economics for all your data

With an innovative cloud-based licensing model, customers pre-purchase credit capacity that can be flexibly applied to pay for data and capabilities within your platform.

  • Cost aligned to the value to the business
  • Powerful analytics that fits any budget
  • Unlimited flexibility to use capabilities
  • No license waste and no penalties
  • Fully automated and self-service licensing
Machine-learning powered analytics

Machine-learning powered analytics

Insightful analytics

Identify and predict anomalies in real-time with outlier detection and uncover root-causes using our patented LogReduce and LogCompare pattern analyses.

Powerful and intuitive query-based analytics

Unshackle power users with a rich operator library and empower all users with easy to use search templates.

Security by design

Built-in security from the ground up

Protect your users’ data with best-in-class security technologies, rigorous security process, and daily rotated, per-customer encryption keys.

Built with security-first principle in and for the cloud

SOC 2 Type 2, PCI DSS 3.2, Privacy Shield, CSA Star and HIPAA certifications.

Powering modern enterprise

Tired of the same old SIEM?

Don’t let blind spots, expanding attack surfaces and too many alerts drag you down.

Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM provides security analysts with enhanced visibility across the enterprise to thoroughly understand the impact and context of an attack. Streamlined workflows automatically triage alerts to maximize security analyst efficiency and focus.

Intuitive collaboration

Coupling built-in event management for team collaboration with an interactive heads-up display, Sumo Logic’s Cloud SIEM enables security analysts to focus their attention on the threats that matter most while they intuitively verify alerts and investigate incidents. Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM parses, maps, and creates normalized Records upon ingestion from your structured and unstructured data then correlates detected threats across your on-prem, cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid cloud environments.

Intuitive collaboration
Security Signals

Security Signals

Signals are a collection of alerts, identified through pattern and threat intelligence matching, correlation logic, statistical evaluation, and anomaly detection of your log data. Each Signal is tagged with the tactic and technique related to the MITRE ATT&CK framework using out-of-the-box rules content.

sumo logic

Actionable Insights

Our Insight engine enables Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM to detect advanced threats and low & slow attacks, as well as higher speed direct threats. The Insight engine uses an adaptive Signal clustering algorithm to automatically group related Signals to accelerate alert triage. It also provides a powerful view back in time, evaluating all Signals associated with an Entity for the last 30 days. Once the algorithm determines aggregated risk surpasses a threshold, it automatically generates an Insight.

sumo logic

Threat investigation context

Cloud SIEM ingests and analyzes security telemetry and event logs, but also reassembles network traffic flows into rich protocol-level network sessions, extracted files, and security information. Analysts can see raw network traffic details, related connections and protocol activity, and gain visibility into East/West network traffic. Sumo’s deep library of cloud API integrations can pull security telemetry directly from sources such as VMware Carbon Black, Okta, AWS GuardDuty, and Office 365.