The Securonix platform delivers positive security outcomes with zero infrastructure to manage. It provides analytics-driven next-generation SIEM, UEBA, and security data lake capabilities as a pure cloud solution, without compromise.

Built on an open big data platform, Securonix Next-Gen SIEM provides unlimited scalability and log management, behavior analytics-based advanced threat detection, and automated incident response on a single platform. Customers use it to address their insider threat, cyber threat, cloud security, and application security monitoring requirements.

Securonix UEBA leverages sophisticated machine learning and behavior analytics to analyze and correlate interactions between users, systems, applications, IP addresses, and data. Light, nimble, and quick to deploy, it detects advanced insider threats, cyber threats, fraud, cloud data compromise, and non-compliance.

Built-in automated response playbooks and customizable case management workflows allow security teams to respond to threats quickly and accurately. Securonix Security Data Lake is a massively scalable, fault-tolerant, open data platform that ingests massive amounts of data per day and supports reliable, economical, long-term data retention. It transforms raw log data into meaningful security insights using super-enriched data, blazing-fast search, and elegant visualizations to uncover comprehensive, actionable insights into your organization’s security posture.

Securonix Security Operations and Analytics Platform

Platform Benefits

Businesses of all sizes face an increasingly complex threat landscape, and fewer cyber professionals to deal with it. Cloud, cloud applications, internet of things (IoT) and an increasingly diverse security vendor architecture only complicate the situation. A harmonized and integrated platform is the only way for organizations to stay ahead of a complex threat landscape, with the human analyst resources available.

The Securonix Security Operations and Analytics Platform delivers unlimited scale, powered by advanced analytics, behavior detection, threat modeling, and machine learning. It increases your security through improved visibility, actionability, and security posture, while reducing management and analyst burden.

With a proven rapid time to value because of its analytics capability, cloud strategy, and integrated security orchestration automation and response (SOAR) feature set, the Securonix Security Operations and Analytics Platform simplifies your cyber security operations, lowering mean time to detect, respond, and stop threats.

With native support for thousands of third-party vendors and technology solutions, the Securonix platform simplifies security operations, events, escalations, and remediations. It easily scales from startups to global enterprises while providing the same fast security ROI and ongoing transparent and predictable cost.

The Elements of the Platform

Securonix Next-Gen SIEM

Cloud-based SIEM platform.

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Securonix UEBA

Detect unknown threats.

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Securonix SOAR

Facilitates rapid, playbook-driven incident response.

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Securonix NTA

Network traffic analysis expands threat visibility.

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Securonix Security Data Lake

Unlimited scalability.

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Cloud Connector

Collect data from and monitor multi-cloud infrastructure and applications.

App Connector

Ingest data directly from enterprise and custom applications.

Securonix API

Easily integrate legacy or new applications not previously supported.

Flexible Multi-Tenant Architecture With AWS Certification

AWS Advanced Technology Partner Security Competency Badge

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security Competency status recognizes that Securonix has demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success in delivering SIEM as a Service on the AWS platform.

A cloud security operations platform with a multi-tenant architecture lets you use as much resources as needed for your organization now and expand as you grow with the click of a button.

Use on-premises or cloud-based remote ingesters for data collection.

Instant deployment with quick time to value.


Secure by Design

SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001:2013, and HITRUST CSF certified cloud security platform.

In a multi-tenant architecture, individual tenant IDs and dedicated tenants are used to maintain complete data segregation.

Data is kept encrypted while it is in transit, and data at rest can be encrypted if you choose to.

Limit access to your data using granular, role-based access control.

Detailed logging capabilities ensure a full audit trail of all activities within the security operations solution.

Cloud-to-Cloud Monitoring

With a cloud security operations platform you can extend seamless security monitoring across your cloud environment without needing to rely on on-premises solutions that were not designed for the cloud.

Analyze user entitlements and events to look for malicious activity using built-in APIs for all major cloud infrastructure and application technologies.

Eliminate blind spots when you can correlate between on-premises data and cloud data to analyze end-to-end activities and detect actionable threat patterns.


Results, Not Infrastructure

Security visibility, threat hunting, and response without an application to manage. That’s the result of using next-generation SIEM as a service.

There is no loss of control – analysts and management can still monitor nodes, clusters, and all application jobs, including imports, analytics, and storage.

Receive alerts and notifications for node issues, cluster issues, and application issues.

Cloud Partner Ecosystem

Take advantage of a strong cloud security ecosystem to collect cloud logs and support automated response.

Notable partnerships include:

  • OKTA: Monitor and respond to credential-based attacks in the cloud.
  • ServiceNow: Enhance automated response in the cloud and asset enrichment with CMDB.
  • CrowdStrike: Cyber threat analytics with endpoint detection and response data, and automated incident response.
  • Netskope: Single interface for all cloud logs and response actions; data classification
  • Saviynt: Risk-based access request, provisioning, and deprovisioning

Transparent Hosting Cost

A transparent pricing model with multiple deployment options enables you to efficiently plan your deployment and estimate potential cost savings as you move to a SaaS-based deployment.

Take advantage of transparent pricing that includes:

  • Transparent Hosting Costs – Easily estimate and optimize your cost savings.
  • Pass Through Pricing – From the cloud platform (IaaS) provider to you with no hidden charges.
  • Customize Your SaaS Infrastructure – Choose the infrastructure and storage options that meet your specific business needs.

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