rubrikRubrik, the Zero Trust Data Security Company™, delivers data security and operational resilience for enterprises. Rubrik’s big idea is to provide data security and data protection on a single platform, including: Zero Trust Data Protection, ransomware investigation, incident containment, sensitive data discovery, and orchestrated application recovery. This means data is ready at all times so you can recover the data you need, and avoid paying a ransom. Because when you secure your data, you secure your applications, and you secure your business.

Zero Trust Data Management™

Protect your data and applications from ransomware, natural disasters, and operational failures.

What is Zero Trust Data Management?

Many ransomware attacks target backups. That’s why it’s vital to ensure your backups are 100% protected and resilient. With zero trust data management no one is trustworthy. No user. No application. No device. To meet this new standard, data must be natively immutable so that it can never be modified, encrypted, or deleted by ransomware. Data needs to be ready at all times so you can recover what you need, and never pay a ransom.


Make Backups Tamper-proof

Ensuring that no external or internal operation can modify or overwrite your backup data is non-negotiable.


Stop Bad Actors

It’s not just the hackers on the outside you need to prepare for. Zero-trust entails planning for employees that go rogue.


Find Sensitive Data

Know where sensitive data resides at all times. Social security numbers. PII. Customer email addresses. Everything.

Analyze and Remediate

Quick recoveries after a ransomware attack are often a pipe dream. It takes on average more than 7 days to recover. And, it’s near impossible to diagnose the scope of attack. Rubrik’s ransomware protection software makes it faster to recover with added intelligence to minimize data loss.

Analyze Impact

Quickly scan and identify what data was encrypted, and where it resides in your environment.

Recover Fast

Restore impacted files to the most recent clean versions with one click.

Identify Anomalies

Analyze backup metadata for unusual behavior without product impact.

Detect, Protect, Recover:
How Modern Backup Applications Can Protect You From Ransomware

Gartner shares how modern backup solutions can protect you from ransomware. Learn how to detect attacks, protect backup repositories, and accelerate recovery.

Ransomware-Immutable Backup

Advanced ransomware is targeting backups – modifying or completely wiping them out. Rubrik natively stores all data in an immutable format, meaning ransomware cannot access or compromise our backups.

Behavioral-based Alerting

Radar proactively-scans and analyzes behavioral patterns and flags any unusual activity as your last line of defense.

Impact Diagnosis

In the event of an attack, you can now quickly identify which applications and files were impacted by ransomware and where they are located through simple, intuitive visualizations.

Instant Recovery

Easily restore to the most recent clean version of your data, whether you need to do a full, orchestrated recovery or partial system restore. Reduce business downtime and achieve productivity savings.


Backup & Recovery

Modernize and automate data protection. Deliver instant recoveries at scale, slash operational costs, and safeguard data from ransomware.

Ransomware Recovery

With backups that can’t be encrypted or deleted, recover quickly to the most recent clean state with added impact analysis.

Database Backup

Deliver the simplicity, operational efficiency, cloud mobility, and security needed to confidently protect your organizations most vital resource.

VM Backup

Rubrik delivers backup, replication and DR, archival, and analytics for the hypervisor of your choice – VMware vSphere (ESXi), Microsoft Hyper-V, and Nutanix AHV.

VMware Data Management

Rubrik simplifies provides radically simplified, policy-driven backup, archival, and cloud migration for enterprises running on VMware’s Software-Defined Data Center solutions.


NAS Direct Archive allows you to efficiently store massive unstructured datasets elsewhere on-premises or in the cloud to unlock cost savings and high performance at scale.

Windows & UNIX Protection

Simplify data protection and management of all your operating systems with policy-driven intelligence and consumer-grade ease-of-use.

Cloud Archival

Scalable, automated data archival that helps you facilitate compliance with the most complex enterprise and regulatory requirements.

Cloud-Native Protection

Rubrik provides a secure software platform to mitigate data loss with granular recovery and seamless management across multiple cloud environments.

Cloud Solutions

Employ the intrinsic simplicity of the Rubrik platform to protect your AWS, GCP, and Azure workloads.

Continuous Data Protection

Rubrik’s Continuous Data Protection (CDP) delivers near-zero RPOs to minimize data loss.


Accelerate GDPR compliance in a centralized platform that protects, manages, and monitors all your data.

Remote & Branch Office

Extend data protection and management to virtualized and physical remote and branch office environments.

Replication & DR

Minimize disruption during system or site failures to meet aggressive recovery objectives and maintain data availability.