oracle south africaOracle Corporation is an American computer software company headquartered in Austin, Texas. In 2021, Oracle is the 2nd largest software company in the world by revenue and market capitalization. The company sells (particularly, and products, such as (ERP) software, (HCM) software, (CRM) software (also known as ), (EPM) software, and (SCM) software.

Secur is an Oracle Platinium partner based in South Africa, offering Sophos implementation, integration, and support services, these services can be offered even in Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Kenya, and Nigeria

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers higher performance, security, and cost savings. It is designed so businesses can move workloads easily from on-premises systems to the cloud, and between cloud and on-premises and other clouds. Oracle Cloud applications provide business leaders with modern applications that help them innovate, attain sustainable growth, and become more resilient.

The work we do is not only transforming the world of business–it’s helping defend governments, and advance scientific and medical research. From nonprofits to companies of all sizes, millions of people use our tools to streamline supply chains, make HR more human, quickly pivot to a new financial plan, and connect data and people around the world. At work, we embrace diversity, encourage personal and professional growth, and celebrate a global team of passionate people developing innovative technologies that help people and companies tackle real-world problems head-on.

oracle serverOracle Bare Metal Servers

Oracle’s bare metal servers provide customers with isolation, visibility, and control by using dedicated compute instances. The servers support applications that require high core counts, large amounts of memory, and high bandwidth—scaling up to 160 cores (the largest in the industry), 2 TB of RAM, and up to 1 PB of block storage. Customers can build cloud environments in Oracle’s bare metal servers with significant performance improvements over other public clouds and on-premises data centers.

General availability of Standard3 instances with Intel Ice Lake processorsOCI Standard3 instances for bare metal and VM instances are now generally available. For the same price, these instances provide up to 60% better performance than previous generation Standard2 instances.

Oracle unlocks the power of Arm-based processorsOracle’s revolutionary Arm-based compute offering, OCI Ampere A1 Compute, is now available on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Customers can run cloud-native and general-purpose workloads on Arm-based instances with significant price-performance benefits.

Simplify planning and operations with AMD processor-based serversThe E4 family of compute instances includes the industry’s largest bare-metal option, with 128 OCPUs and 2TB of memory. Most enterprise applications can be run on a single AMD-based compute instance.

Dedicated cloud computing with full control

Complete control over the entire cloud stack

Bare metal servers enable customers to run high-performance, latency-sensitive, specialized, and traditional workloads directly on dedicated server hardware—just as they would on-premises. Bare metal instances are ideal for workloads that need to run in nonvirtualized environments.

No agents or hypervisors needed

Other cloud providers install agents and additional software, but at Oracle we install zero software on bare metal machines. As a result, customers gain increased security and performance within an environment that offers consistency in response to application calls.

Oracle Procurement

Can your procurement suite automate procure-to-pay, strategic sourcing, and supplier management processes? Learn how Oracle Fusion Cloud Procurement’s capabilities, built-in collaboration, and analytic insights drive agility, manage risk and increase margins.

Simplify the shopping experience

Simplify employee shopping and maximize user adoption with a consumer-like, guided experience. Intuitive search allows you to quickly find the goods and services you need at negotiated prices and ensure compliant buying.

Improve spend compliance

Realize cost savings by directing purchases to approved suppliers offering negotiated prices. Configure approval rules to ensure spend compliance and simplify exception management on all platforms including smart phones and tablets.

Streamline purchasing and payments

Simplify purchasing with automated purchase order creation from approved requisitions and easily manage revisions with full change history. Automated invoice processing minimizes workload, reduces errors and speeds supplier payments.

Oracle Human Resources

Effectively manage a global workforce. Plan, manage, and optimize global people processes with a single common data source. Make better decisions, personalize your employee experiences, and leverage highly configurable workflows that offer scalability and localization.

End-to-end HR

Hire, onboard, manage, and engage workers in accordance with legal and company practices.

On-demand information

Give workers secure, self-service, mobile-responsive options to manage personal data, PTO, payslips, and more.

Global and local coverage

Stay compliant across more than 200 countries and jurisdictions with legislative functionality built for global requirements.

Industry and union support

Use rule-driven workflows to simplify management of unique industry, union, collective labor, and contract agreements.

Position management

Manage headcount and budgets with a complete picture of open and filled positions, including global assignments.

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