netscoutNETSCOUT is a leading provider of business assurance, a powerful combination of service assurance, cybersecurity and business intelligence solutions. NETSCOUT’s business assurance products are designed to provide pervasive, end-to-end visibility across physical and virtual environments, speed issue resolution, and deliver actionable intelligence, enabling you to improve service, network and application performance. NETSCOUT is a leading provider of business assurance, a powerful combination of service assurance, cybersecurity and business intelligence solutions. NETSCOUT’s business assurance products are designed to provide pervasive, end-to-end visibility across physical and virtual environments, speed issue resolution, and deliver actionable intelligence, enabling you to improve service, network and application performance

Secur is a Netscout Platinium partner based in South Africa, offering Netscout implementation, integration and support services, these services can be offered even in Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Kenya and Nigeria

Monitoring 5G Networks

NETSCOUT Offers End-through-End Visibility for 5G Services

NETSCOUT‘s scalable monitoring solution, designed for the cloud, helps Carrier Service Providers (CSPs) to successfully deliver actionable insights into reliability and latency for 5G networks, applications, and services. Whether implementing private 5G, 5G on the Edge, or Mobile; our solution evolves with your monitoring strategy and assures continuous end-through-end support for CSPs, Enterprise, and Command and Control Government use cases.

Our universal Smart Data model is 3GPP compliant and gives service providers the competitive edge to quickly see business challenges across organizations for decisive actions to evolve their networks and reduce OPEX.

A trusted proven vendor of service assurance solutions, NETSCOUT‘s carrier-grade analytics solution suite provides visibility and insights on services for 5G Non-standalone and Standalone architectures across any vendor, any technology, and any network with full support for 5G/IoT control plane and user plane traffic.

5G Deployment

From 4G to 5G, see it all with life cycle planning or risk it all. End-to-end visibility from RAN to Core, and to the EDGE is critical and ensures troubleshooting for automated decisions for any cloud (public, private), any network (physical, virtual, hybrid), and any workload — RAN, Open RAN, Virtual RAN, Cloud, Virtual Core, and Edge Computing throughout the 5G Life Cycle.

netscout 5G Life Cycle Phases

On the 5G journey? Click any phase of the wheel to learn about NETSCOUT’s offerings.

5G StandAlone or Non Stand Alone

CSPs deploying 5G Non-Stand Alone (NSA) and StandAlone (SA) network architecture can confidently integrate our 5G monitoring solution across multi-generations of mobile, Cloud, Cable, and hybrid network technologies to gain visibility and insights into 5G services: network slicing, massive MIMO, RAN sharing, and automated policies in support of Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF) to assure rapid response for:

We help the world’s leading Service Providers simplify network complexity and improve customer experience.

NETSCOUT’s service provider portfolio takes traditional assurance and troubleshooting tools and interweaves smart data insights, giving you the ability to deliver optimal network and service performance, excellent customer experience, and powerful business insights.


Your subscribers expect a high-quality experience each time they connect with your network. Delivering on these expectations requires visibility of your entire network – across elements, domains, service enablers, technologies, and devices. NETSCOUT provides a complete view of all the interrelationships involved in the service delivery process – no matter where the service is hosted – so you can identify and triage issues faster, keeping your customers connected and happy.


You collect massive amounts of valuable customer data. Careful analysis of this data creates insights into network and service performance, customer experience, usage, and behavior. NETSCOUT’s Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology analyzes IP data in real time, allowing you to tap into the smart data hidden in your high-volume network traffic. ASI smart data is scalable and multi-dimensional, and delivers timely and valuable business intelligence that can be shared across the organization for more informed decisions.

Seamless Application Performance for a Complex World

Extend NETSCOUT’s Service Assurance Solution to the Data Center and Hybrid Cloud

Your employees and customers don’t think about your business in terms of segmented applications and services; they just want to execute a business activity quickly and efficiently, from wherever they may be working. Companies have weathered dramatic changes in how their employees work, with many around the world still supporting remote workers. Employees and customers are accessing your application services from home and corporate locations. Additionally, as your IT environment has undergone digital transformations, the complexity of application delivery has increased. Yet, the expectation to deliver responsive and reliable application performance still exists.

That’s why organizations need a holistic approach to application performance that spans every possible touch point, from voice and video to a myriad of business-critical applications. Even more, that approach must extend across every border, regardless of whether your employees are sitting in a home office, corporate headquarters, or a field location.

netscout Application and network performance services and locations

Assure Mission-Critical Business Service Availability & Network Performance

Maintaining high-performing digital services across distributed hybrid cloud environments was already a challenge for enterprise IT organizations. However, recent challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic has catapulted complexity to another level for business globally. Suddenly, providing employees and customers with safe, secure access and availability to business applications and services has taken on a new dynamic with some accessing from home and others in corporate offices. In some cases, dealing with exponential traffic growth hitting critical internet circuits and VPN gateways, capacity and bandwidth availability has moved from an operational challenge to a business-critical priority.

Today’s organizations require holistic visibility across the service delivery infrastructure to support new access dynamics that may include demand for capacity and availability for remote access. Monitoring incoming activity for tracking and trending traffic and application utilization is essential. Holistic visibility should be an integral part of a broad-based performance and availability strategy that encompasses not only the edge and private data center, but also cloud and SaaS environment. Today, delivering a high-quality user experience for employees, from anywhere, over any device, for any infrastructure, is priority number one.

NETSCOUT Visibility as a Service

NETSCOUT Visibility as a Service is a 7X24 proactive monitoring managed service for your NETSCOUT solutions. We bring the expertise and best practices to deliver “hands-free,” proactive monitoring, service triage, and data insights. NETSCOUT VaaS will lower mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) and complement your own IT team, enabling them to focus on strategic projects.

  • Critical insights into business, industry, voice, video, and SaaS application performance issues
  • Managed service of your complex, multi-vendor, network environments – private data centers, co-locations, public cloud, remote offices, and WAN
  • Delivered for NETSCOUT products, including nGeniusONE, InfiniStreamNG, nGeniusPULSE, nPoints, nGenius Packet Flow Switches, Omnis Cyber Investigator, and Smart Edge Monitor solution

NETSCOUT Visibility as a Service

Get the Best of Both Worlds: Network Packet Monitoring and Synthetic Testing

NETSCOUT Smart Edge Monitoring overcomes the biggest challenge in evaluating service assurance and end-user experience by gaining awareness of issues impacting users from home, branch, or headquarters offices.

Comprehensive visibility comes from the unique combination of nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform smart data and nGeniusPULSE synthetic test monitoring into end-user experience, which enables organizations to pinpoint the true root cause of problems — from remote location network, user’s ISP, VPN or corporate infrastructure, the data center or public cloud, or any other domain the transaction depends on.

Proven Cloud Security and DDoS Attack Protection

The Arbor Cloud DDoS service delivers a fully managed, best-practices hybrid defense from the data center to the cloud – supported by the world’s leading experts in DDoS attack mitigation. Arbor Cloud delivers an integrated, on-demand solution to both enterprises and service providers with comprehensive protection from modern, high-volume DDoS attacks that target bandwidth, “low and slow” attacks targeting applications and infrastructure, and concurrent, multi-vector attacks.


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