infobloxInfoblox leads the way to Next Level Networking with its Secure Cloud-Managed Network Services with 8,000 customers worldwide including 350 of the Fortune 500. Infoblox brings cutting-edge, SaaS-based cybersecurity and DDI solutions for enhanced reliability, and automation to cloud and hybrid systems, with single pane of glass for better network management and customer experience. Next-level cybersecurity helps enterprises in any industry protect against the rising flood of cyberattacks, leveraging 14 billion threat indicators and 30 plus API security integrations. Customers benefit from a Tier 1 foundation with five nines availability, delivered as software-defined services. Next-level automation reduces manual tasks by 70% and annual costs by more than $1M, minimizes outages and cybersecurity risk. Connect with the Infoblox team on LinkedIn and join the conversation to take your enterprise’s #digitaltransformation #SaaS #cybersecurity #DDI to the Next Level. Already a successful Infoblox customer?

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BloxOne Threat Defense maximizes brand protection by working with your existing defenses to protect your network and automatically extend security to your digital imperatives, including SD-WAN, IoT and the cloud. It powers security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) solutions, slashes the time to investigate and remediate cyberthreats, optimizes the performance of the entire security ecosystem and reduces the total cost of enterprise threat defense.

The solution turns the core network services you rely on to run your business into your most valuable security assets. These services, which include DNS, DHCP and IP address management (DDI), play a central role in all IP-based communications. With Infoblox, they become the foundational common denominator that enables your entire security stack to work in unison and at Internet scale to detect and anticipate threats sooner and stop them faster.
Using BloxOne Threat Defense, Organizations Can:

  • Protect their brand by securing every connection, regardless of device or location, across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure
  • Slash incident response times by two-thirds through real-time sharing of security event information
  • Spur the performance of SOAR platforms through rich network context and aggregated threat intelligence data
  • Reduce the burden on strained perimeter defenses by 60x
  • Make threat analysts 3x more productive and gain a single pane of glass for incident review with complete forensic data
  • Block DNS-based data exfiltration and malware activity by shutting down communication channels used by malware, DGA and dozens of other threats
  • Mitigate the risks of abuse of growing trends such as DoT (DNS over TLS) or DoH (DNS over HTTPS).

Maximize Brand Protection

Protect your brand and your organization from escalating cyberthreats that disrupt your business. BloxOne Threat Defense runs on the security architecture you already have in place. It uniquely combines advanced analytics based on machine learning, highly accurate and aggregated threat intelligence and automation to detect and prevent a broad range of threats including DGA families, data exfiltration, lookalike domain use, fast flux and many others.

Protect Wherever You’re Deployed Using a Hybrid Approach

Take advantage of unique hybrid security that detects anywhere and protects everywhere. Hybrid security gives you the power to leverage the cloud to detect more threats while tightly integrating with the on-premises ecosystem. It also provides resiliency and redundancy not available in cloud-only solutions. With Infoblox, you can centrally and automatically secure devices, apps, virtual machines and switch ports wherever they reside using a common console.

Boost Security Operations Center Efficiency

Our solution reduces incident response time by two-thirds by enabling all the major components of your security stack, including SOAR systems, to respond to security events sooner, before they cause harm. It does so through extensive API integrations, valuable network context and data enrichment of the entire security ecosystem.

Reduce Threat Defense Costs

Infoblox reduces the total cost of your enterprise threat defense by reducing the burden on stretched perimeter defenses. In addition, our solution enables security teams to get more value out of your third-party security solutions through the real-time, two-way sharing of security event information and through automation that lowers the costs associated with manual effort and human error.

Status Dashboards


Today’s cybersecurity teams face hundreds to thousands of alerts each day, far more than the 10 to 15 they can effectively handle. They must also deal with dozens of security tools, manual processes and staff shortages.

With Infoblox Ecosystem Exchange, security organizations gain a highly interconnected set of integrations that enable them to eliminate silos, optimize their security orchestration automation and response (SOAR) solution and improve the ROI of their entire cybersecurity ecosystem, including third-party, multi-vendor assets. It reduces the time and cost of threat response through enhanced automation and real-time, two-way data sharing across the ecosystem enabled by extensive APIs.

With Infoblox Ecosystem Exchange, Your Security Operations Team Can:

  • Gain centralized visibility into devices and DNS-based threat vectors across on-premises, virtual and cloud deployments, including VMWare, AWS, Azure, Cisco ACI and OpenStack
  • Decrease time to remediation by up to two-thirds
  • Make threat analysts up to 3x more productive
  • Reduce costs associated with manual intervention and human error
  • Ease the burden on perimeter defenses by blocking threats at the DNS control point
Image Map Advanced Threat Detection Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Vulnerability Management Network Access Control (NAC) Next-Generation Endpoint Security Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) Web Gateway ITSM, ITOM and Security Operations Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR)

Advanced Threat Detection

BloxOneTM Threat Defense automatically shares information with advanced threat detection solutions on incidents involving Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) activity and malicious domains. Infoblox then automatically blocks, logs events or takes appropriate action on these threats.


  • Enables flexible policy enforcement
  • Rapidly identifies infected devices
  • Builds defense and remediation into IT systems and processes

Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP)

Check Point | Cisco | ThreatConnect
Infoblox Threat Intelligence Data Exchange (TIDE) automatically sends information on malicious hostnames, IP addresses and URLs to the threat intelligence platform (TIP). TIP enables blocking and monitoring of more threats.


  • Reduces the number of alerts that require review
  • Improves situational awareness for network and security organizations
  • Improves overall security posture

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Splunk | IBM | QRadar | LogRhythm | McAfee | MicroFocus

Infoblox sends information on IP addresses, infected devices and suspicious DNS requests and responses to SIEM. SIEM can use this information to perform analysis and take action.


  • Provides consolidated visibility into device activity regardless of where log data was generated
  • Provides context for more accurate prioritization of security events
  • Improves operational efficiency of network ops and IT teams

Vulnerability Management

Qualys | Tenable | Rapid 7
Infoblox sends information on IP addresses, network devices and malicious events to vulnerability management. Vulnerability management uses that information to automatically trigger scans, enabling easier compliance and faster remediation.


  • Provides near-real-time visibility into new devices as they join the network
  • Automates and accelerates response to network changes and malicious events
  • Improves ROI of existing security investments

Network Access Control (NAC)

ForeScout | Cisco | Aruba

Infoblox provides information on IP addresses, network devices and DNS security events. NAC solutions can use that information to get context to better prioritize threats and take more immediate action (such as taking the device off the network) to shorten time to containment


  • Expands visibility into network infrastructure, users and devices
  • Provides vital context for threat prioritization
  • Enables consistent policy enforcement

Next-Generation Endpoint Security

Carbon Black | McAfee

Infoblox detects DNS-based malware communications and informs next-generation endpoint security technologies. These products can identify malicious processes, quarantine the endpoint or take other actions. For added protection, endpoint security solutions can incorporate Infoblox client agents.


  • Quickly identifies and prevents DNS-based endpoint communications to malicious domains
  • Automatically responds to endpoint threats, reducing dwell time
  • Enables mass deployment of Infoblox endpoint agent for DNS security and streamlines workflows

Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)

Palo Alto Networks | Fortinet

NGFW receives malicious hostnames, IP addresses and URLs from Infoblox TIDE. NGFW enables customers to block or monitor threats.


  • Reduces the number of alerts security teams must review
  • Improves situational awareness for network and security organizations
  • Improves overall security posture

Web Gateway

BloxOne Threat Defense blocks DNS-based data exfiltration, as well as DNS requests to malicious domains before forwarding the traffic to McAfee Web Gateway. The web gateway then scans traffic for further inspection with URL filtering, SSL and more.


  • Unifies domain blocking and HTTP security for broader protection
  • Speeds detection of malicious traffic originating from infected endpoints, regardless of its location
  • Compliments web gateway with DNS based threat intelligence

ITSM, ITOM and Security Operations

Infoblox sends information on new devices, networks and IP addresses to ITSM, ITOM and Security Operations. Network and security administrators gain a consolidated view of all the device and event information Infoblox discovers.


  • Provides at-a-glance dashboard views into devices and endpoints joining and leaving the network
  • Enables proactive identification of network issues to accelerate response to network changes and security event

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR)

SOAR solution receives information on IP address, network devices and malicious events from Infoblox. SOAR uses that information to block/unblock/check domain and check information about IP/host/network/domain in IPAM. Infoblox automatically enriches IPAM with data from security tools and events.


  • Integrates disparate security tools and provide vendor-neutral threat intelligence for all devices
  • Automates and produces faster response with the full set of threat intelligence APIs
  • Enhances and improves incident response with better threat intelligence
  • Improves security processes by integrating with other systems via SOAR


Imagine a data center that is so intelligent it practically runs itself. One that lets you deploy applications and resources exactly where and when they’re needed. One that dynamically scales services and capacity up and down based on demand and policy.

For most companies, that vision is out of reach, especially when their data centers are built on legacy network technology. Traditional DNS, DHCP, and IPAM infrastructures can’t provide the automation, efficiency, visibility, and security that next generation data centers require.
Enable Your Next Generation Data Center
Secure, cloud-managed network services from Infoblox enable you to support a nimble and dynamic next generation data center that can handle anything your business demands—today and down the road.

With Infoblox, your organization can:

  • Support highly dynamic workloads
  • Deploy apps automatically and on demand
  • See everything clearly from a single pane of glass
  • Gain visibility for more efficient management and compliance

Bring True Agility to Your Data Center

Infoblox brings true agility to your data center, enabling you to deploy services quickly and on demand. Our platform employs advanced automation to smartly provision virtual machines and decommission them when they’re no longer needed, freeing up resources and saving valuable time.

Transform Data Center Efficiency

Multi-vendor hybrid clouds can be a challenge to manage. Using our extensive and open APIs you can easily integrate across all major orchestration technologies—VMware, OpenStack, Microsoft Azure, Docker, Amazon Web Services (AWS), HP, Cisco, BMC, and more. Now, your team can manage your next generation data center with a seamless experience within a single console.

See Everything Clearly with a Single Source of Truth

With Infoblox, you don’t need to cobble together data from fragmented tools to get a clear picture of your network. We provide a unified view that displays the entire network landscape—virtual and physical—in a singe pane of glass so you can efficiently track current and historical resources for troubleshooting, compliance, optimization, and audit requirements.

Scale without Compromise

Expand to thousands of virtual machines and distribute workloads seamlessly while maintaining granular control. Our highly available, reliable, and scalable DDI solution can readily accommodate your diverse needs as your business evolves.

Enhance Security with Context Awareness

Virtual environments have transformed data center capacity and agility. Yet they introduce new vulnerabilities and increase the attack surface that opportunistic hackers and thieves will gladly exploit. With Next Level Security from Infoblox, you get advanced threat intelligence provided in context, so you always know where and when to take immediate action and why.

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