gfiWelcome to GFI Software, Aurea SMB Solutions. GFI develops right-sized, smartly engineered IT solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Our solutions enable IT administrators to easily and efficiently discover, manage and secure their business networks, systems, applications and communications wherever they exist.

GFI is committed to its customers worldwide to deliver the trusted expertise, right-sized and smartly engineered IT solutions with a strong focus on security excellence.

GFI is a channel-focused company with a network of thousands of partners worldwide. The company has received numerous awards and industry accolades, and is a long time Microsoft® Gold ISV Partner.

We are committed to delivering easy to use, cost-effective and trusted solutions to all our customers. Together with our trusted partners, we are focused on four main principles:

  1. Market Focus: Aurea SMB Solutions will operate as a division of Aurea that serves the small and medium-sized business (SMB) market.
  2. Go-to-Market Approach: We will work closely with trusted partners worldwide as 100% channel focused vendor.
  3. Commitment to Growth: Aurea SMB Solutions will deeply leverage Aurea’s proven acquisition model to add new offerings to our portfolio, which will make it even easier for you to get the technology you need.
  4. Breakthrough Innovation: Aurea SMB Solutions provides a unique and expanding software library (GFI Unlimited) of complementary, cost effective and trusted solutions that delivers immediate business value.

GFI LanGuard

Keep your network and applications safe from vulnerabilities


See your network and where threats get in

  • Automatically discover all the elements of your network: computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, printers, servers, virtual machines, routers and switches.
  • Group your devices for better management. Distribute management to different teams and still see everything from one central management dashboard.

Find the gaps that threats exploit

  • Scan your network for missing patches. Over 5,000 patches are released every year; any one may be the flaw hackers target.
  • Find the gaps in Microsoft, MacOS, Linux operating systems. Identify missing patches in web browsers and 3rd party software such as Adobe, Java, and 60 more major vendors.
  • Identify non-patch vulnerabilities with an updating list of 60,000+ known issues as well as items like open ports and system information about users, shared directories and services.

Patch the holes that make you vulnerable

  • Automatically deploy patches centrally, or by deploying agents on machines so they do it and save server processing. Don’t depend on individuals to keep your perimeter patched.
  • Control which patches you install and roll-back patches if you find problems.
  • Install more than just security patches: many patches fix bugs to help applications run better.

Report on compliance & vulnerability requirements

  • Compliance regulations have many requirements to ensure financial, health, or other personal data is secure in networks and systems. Failing to comply or demonstrate compliance can mean serious fines, angry customers and lost business
  • Get the automated, formatted reports auditors need to demonstrate compliance for the multiple requirements in PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, PSN, and CoCo regulations

GFI MailEssentials

Get 14 anti-spam filters, 5 anti-virus engines plus malware scanning in one email security package

Block email-borne viruses and malware

Block email-borne viruses and malware

  • Why trust email security to one antivirus engine when you can have the combined power of five? GFI MailEssentials can engage the power of leading brands including BitDefender, Avira, Kaspersky, Cyren and Sophos.
  • Each engine features its own heuristics and detection methods. You gain maximum protection for your email environment to block email-borne viruses and other malware more effectively.

Filter spam to cut wasted time and server space

  • Spam is estimated to be 45% of your email volume. GFI MailEssentials uses 14 advanced email filtering technologies you can see in action. Filter spam out before it hits email boxes to save your server space and productive time.
  • Block spoofed emails, stop emails from blacklisted DNSs or those that link to known problem URLs or phishing sites, remove non-RFC compliant emails, detect emails from forged senders and more techniques to slash the spam waste.

Make email safe and productive…simply

  • GFI MailEssentials is compatible with different email servers, not just Exchange. It fits seamlessly into your current setup—whether on-premise, virtual, or hosted in your cloud infrastructure. IT admins are in full control of their email security.
  • You can also extend control to users. Provide reports and ongoing access to quarantined emails to enable them to release what they want to receive. They can also customize their own black and whitelists.

GFI Archiver

Save email server space and enable easy file retrieval for compliance

Secure archiving for compliance and management

  • Manage and access your organization’s electronic communications history. This includes emails, attachments, files, calendar entries, faxes, and SMS (text), and voice messages that are connected and logged via email.
  • Minimize legal risk. Archive emails and files in their original state in a central, tamper-proof store. This archive helps with compliance, e-discovery and internal investigations while not relying on vulnerable online storage.
  • Validate that stored emails, files, and more are genuine with message-auditing functionality.

Easily access and search your electronic history

  • The email history and old file versions of people in your organizations is always available for quick retrieval via the GFI Archiver interface.
  • Messages, attachments and files are automatically indexed before they are archived, enabling you to search and retrieve faster.

Archive your emails, calendar, files, faxes with tamper-proof security

Improve email performance and save money

  • Archive electronic communications separate from the applications to save active server space and improve application performance.
  • GFI Archiver uses single-instance storage (SIS) to store a single copy of a multi-recipient email and its attachments, rather than multiple copies of the same email.
  • Gain even more storage savings as Archiver compresses (and decompresses) email attachments in real time to make better use of your storage resources.

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