datawalkDataWalk utilizes unique software technology to enable our customers to solve difficult problems that are important to society. Our software platform is optimized for revealing patterns, relationships, and anomalies for large-scale, multi-source intelligence operations and data analysis. Using a massively scalable big-data engine, combined with user-friendly visual interfaces, DataWalk eliminates the restrictions of data silos, allowing government agencies and commercial enterprises to rapidly unify, access, visualize, analyze, and securely share data. Data is presented not only as cells in a table, but as understandable “objects” – such as people, transactions, or events – which are automatically interconnected in order to provide our customers with a holistic view of all their data.

All Your Data Connected In One Place For Instant Access

DataWalk is a graph analytics platform that is ideal for rapidly connecting vast amounts of data from your databases, desktops, and other internal/external data sources into an integrated repository. You can import your data as-is, and then easily transform (“clean”) your data, normalize your data, perform entity resolution, do data discovery, and search the repository. Partner products enable you to import and connect selected data from public records services, social media, the open web, and the darknet. Having all your data connected in one place dramatically reduces the time required to find and prepare data!

Get Instant 360-Degree Views Of Anything

DataWalk presents your connected data via the Universe Viewer, a highly flexible Enterprise Knowledge Graph which provides you with the ability to re-organize data around understandable business objects such us people, places, transactions, and anything else. The knowledge graph is oriented around the relationships and connections between data elements, and thus can inherently provide an instant 360-degree view of any person, organization, event, or anything else.

Quickly Identify And Analyze Patterns, Anomalies, And Hidden Connections

Unique DataWalk technology is optimized for no-code complex querying, ensuring that even highly complex queries are understandable, and will quickly complete. You can save queries and use these as components to generate a score, such as a risk score. You can also execute graph algorithms, do link analysis, text analytics (e.g., entity extraction), and implement Machine Learning and AI. Through the DataWalk App Center, you can reliably incorporate your own programs or open-source software into DataWalk.

Cost-Effective Solution Seamlessly Integrates Into Your Enterprise Environment

DataWalk is a collaborative, enterprise-class software platform which can serve as a key component of an enterprise workflow. Users across the organization can realize value whether they are casual users who quickly need to find data or run a report, analysts who need to do sophisticated digital investigations, or leaders who need to view dashboards. DataWalk provides the lineage, audit, granular security, and high availability capabilities appropriate for an enterprise-class system, and is designed to be compliant with key processes and technologies as required by enterprise IT organizations. This all comes at a fraction of the cost of alternative enterprise-class systems.

Software For National Intelligence Agencies

DataWalk is sophisticated, easy-to-use Enterprise-class intelligence analysis software for demanding national intelligence applications.

Today’s enemies of the State are more intelligent, distributed, and adaptable than ever before. New ideals challenge sovereignty, and rapid technical advancements are straining available infrastructure, resources, and capabilities to keep pace with emerging threats. Managing the complexities related to the scale of data collected by intelligence agencies remains a significant undertaking and requires a fundamental shift in traditional methods and techniques. Intelligence operations can no longer afford the time, cost, risk, and uncertainties required to develop custom systems to address these challenges. Intelligence analysis has never been more important.

Get Answers 10X Faster!

Compared to traditional environments where you must login to many different systems to hunt for the data or engage a technical expert to run a query, DataWalk can dramatically accelerate your time-to-answers:

  • All your data, integrated in one place for easy search and visual analysis.
  • Fast response, even for complex analyses run across millions/billions of records.
  • Create analyses that you, or any authorized colleague, can instantly re-run with the click of a mouse.
  • Easily import spreadsheets yourself, and connect that data with Enterprise sources without IT assistance.
  • Analyze data using visual queries, maps, time-series analysis, and link analysis.

Military-Grade Security

Security is paramount for national intelligence applications, and DataWalk provides breakthrough capabilities for tightly controlling data access:

  • Users only see the data they are authorized to see, and only know of the existence of the data for which they are authorized.
  • Data access is controlled at a highly granular level, even down to individual cell values.
  • Auditable, self-documenting results; keep track of all user activities and system usage.
  • Securely share information with authorized colleagues, and collaboratively work on analyses and investigations.

Military Analytics

DataWalk is military analytics software which leverages massive volumes of data to enable better, faster decisions for counteracting threats and adversaries.

Modern defense strategies require a radical change in approach to building and leveraging analytics in order to efficiently respond to threats in areas of conflict and in theaters of operation. This requires agile military analytics software which utilizes modern technologies, scalable frameworks, and self-service solutions with realistic economics requiring minimal IT engagement.

Combine Distributed Data into Actionable Intelligence and Defense Insights

Military organizations need to utilize extremely large amounts of constantly changing data derived from many sources, databases, collections, sensors, and systems. DataWalk efficiently fuses this content using a massively scalable data analysis platform, efficiently handling billions of records of structured or unstructured data, to rapidly answer critical questions through powerful visual analytics.

A Modular Architecture

DataWalk is highly adaptable military analytics software which provides an agile and flexible analytics environment based on Modular Open Systems Architecture (MOSA) principles and aligned to support various military reference architectures. New data sources are rapidly integrated and connections added or modified to reflect a conceptual data model, for the relevant entity types. With DataWalk, military analysts can ask, and retrieve responses to, any questions.

Provides an Enabling and Expandable Environment

DataWalk delivers an architecture, interfaces, data representations, and design patterns for chaining multiple analytical enrichments together to create and deploy rich multi-modal analysis capabilities for establishing a common operating picture and collaboration among different users. This simplifies the integration process and allows for improved analytical capabilities at the pace of innovation. Using an open-standards based approach for integrating the analytical systems allows for the use of external or third party capabilities which assists in preventing lock-in scenarios.

Correlate Content in a Single Analytical Environment

With a wide variety of analytical techniques and capabilities, DataWalk military analytics software enables military units to perform holistic, end-to-end data analysis in unprecedented ways. This includes visual queries, link charts, maps, scores, AI and machine learning in a combination of HUMINT, OSINT, SOCMINT, GEOINT, SIGINT, and cryptocurrency intelligence. Multidisciplinarity capability makes DataWalk the single mission command system for use across all echelons to address analytic needs.

Standalone Platform For Connected And Disconnected Use

DataWalk can be deployed in a headquarters environment as a central system for various operations, or utilized at the edge of military operations to ensure self-service where both bandwidth and support are limited. DataWalk utilizes a commercial-grade big-data engine, using commodity hardware and delivering exceptional performance, scalability, and fault tolerance. Datawalk is quickly deployed with pre-configured structure and analyses that easily adapt to rapidly changing mission conditions, local circumstances and available data.

Compliance With Privacy and Data Protection Policies

DataWalk military analytics software securely accumulates and shares threat intelligence within a unit or organization. DataWalk is a distributed server-based system architected to support collaboration across many users operating under different security restrictions. Using dynamic security allocation methods, DataWalk’s cell-level security framework manages access to authorized content. No exceptions or compromises; all data is actively controlled. These data protection and security mechanisms are built into the DataWalk technology to manage access to sensitive information.