Blancco Technology Group (AIM: BLTG) provides organizations with secure, compliant, and automated solutions that accelerate the transition to the circular economy. Each year, tens of millions of Blancco erasures allow top-tier organizations to protect end-of-life data against unauthorized access, safely redeploy data storage assets, and firmly comply with increased data protection and privacy requirements. Our precise device diagnostics help move used IT assets confidently into the circular economy, enabling enterprises, IT asset disposition (ITAD) vendors and recyclers, and mobile industry stakeholders to operate more sustainably.

Globally approved, recommended and certified by governing and industry bodies around the world, Blancco is the industry standard in data erasure and mobile lifecycle solutions. With 35+ patented or patent-pending ideas, we continue to grow the number of innovative solutions global companies can rely on to accelerate operations, secure their data, and grow their businesses.

Blancco Network Device Eraser permanently removes sensitive information from network switches and routers—including network configurations, IP addresses, cached files, user credentials and user data.

Blancco Network Device Eraser is the first of its kind anywhere in the market, enabling you to efficiently remove sensitive information from network switches and routers, with full verification of erasure. It enables you to erase Cisco switches and routers to a NIST standard, bypassing non-default passwords and providing verification of erasure.

The Most Certified Erasure Software

Blancco data erasure solutions have been tested, certified, approved and recommended by 15+ governing bodies and leading organizations around the world. No other data erasure software can boast this level of compliance with the rigorous requirements set by government agencies, legal authorities, and independent testing laboratories.

Key Benefits

of Blancco Network Device Eraser Software

Fast Erasure

Dramatically increase throughput while decreasing labour costs

Multiple Processes

Permanently sanitize Cisco switches and routers to NIST Clear, NIST Purge and NIST Purge – Full Overwrite


Ensure consistent erasure processes across Cisco device models


Ensures compliance with industry standards and regulations, including PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, ISO 27001 and EU General Data Protection Regulation


Provides a digitally signed certificate of erasure for a complete audit trail

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Data Center Erasure

Whether your organization runs off one or more private data centers, colocation services, or the cloud, meticulous data hygiene reduces your data breach risk.

Software-based data erasure removes data from end-of-life servers and loose drives for safe and sustainable reuse. It also addresses active files, virtual machines, and logical storage area networks. All for increased data center security.







Endpoint Device Erasure

Erase data from desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and loose drives—as well as removable media—for confident data protection, increased return on your technology investment, and reduced e-waste.

Blancco data erasure enables safe redeployment, recycling and reselling, and leased or RMA device returns. Targeted, active environment erasure also equips you to reinforce enterprise data management policies, reducing liability and risk.

Blancco Solutions

IT Asset Disposition VendorsITADs and recyclers that build and maintain robust security policies and safeguard sensitive data set themselves apart from their competitors. Utilizing the most effective and efficient methods to securely and permanently remove sensitive data is…

PC / Laptop Erasure

Standardize and automate data sanitization policies across your infrastructure to gain maximum value for your pc, laptop and desktop assets, while receiving the full audit trail you need to prove compliance with data privacy regulations.

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Data Center

Meet Security, Compliance & Efficiency Goals with Blancco Data Center Solutions Secure Data Erasure & Decommissioning Services to Permanently Remove Data from Drives, LUNs, Servers & VMs

Blancco Secure Data Erasure (BSDE)

Blancco has integrated its market leading erasure software, Blancco Secure Data Erasure (BSDE), with ServiceNow, to simplify and strengthen your IT asset management processes, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

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Intelligent Business Routing

This first-of-its-kind solution, Blancco Intelligent Business Routing (IBR), streamlines and accelerates business processes by automating tracking, grading, sanitizing, reimaging and reporting for IT assets.

Blancco Mobile Buy-Back/Trade-In

Blancco Mobile Buy-back/Trade-in uses unique data technology to allow mobile retailers and other mobile organizations to offer an accurate value when remotely assessing the condition of mobile devices, reducing trade-in variance and increasing customer satisfaction.

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Blancco Solutions for Mobile Processors

Experience our sophisticated and scalable mobile diagnostics & erasure solution. Improve operational efficiencies at scale for mobile carriers, mobile processors, 3PLS, recyclers and repair and refurbishment operations.

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Blancco Mobile Solutions for Retailers, Carriers and Value-Added Service Providers

Streamline buy-back / trade-in, mobile insurance and fault resolution with an easy-to-use, on-device app

Blancco Hardware Solutions

Onsite appliances with certified data erasure software for loose, failing or RMA drives and hard drive enclosures

How it Works

Securely erase data on loose drives and enclosures on-premise at data centers or in large IT facilities. Blancco Hardware Solutions provide the most trusted solution for onsite data sanitization requirements using a quick and effective process. A 3-year limited warranty and support are also available.

Blancco 8 Bay Drive Eraser Blancco 24 Bay Drive Eraser Blancco Array Server Eraser Blancco High Volume Drive Eraser

Blancco 8 Bay Drive Eraser

Industrial grade server solution, built to meet your loose drive erasure needs. Fully operational, hot swap ready, and configured to support a broad range of hard drives including NVMe, SSD, SAS, SATA, Fiber Channel and SCS.

With its ‘plug and play’ design, you can integrate around your business processes and erase any type of hard drive in the same appliance.

Blancco 24 Bay Drive Eraser

Designed for fast, high-volume erasure of up to 24 loose SAS, SATA, SSD hard drives, this turn-key setup includes data erasure software, hardware, and customizable reporting capabilities.




Blancco Array Server Eraser

Meet your high-volume data sanitization needs with fast, reliable and certified erasure in a portable form. Built with software options to suit your business processes, this convenient server can erase most drives in existing caddies or disk array expansion units. Supports SAS, SATA, SSD or Fiber drives and disk arrays.


Blancco High Volume Drive Eraser

Industrial solution in a wheeled rackmount cabinet designed for fast, high-volume erasure of loose SAS, SATA, SSD hard drives and drive enclosures in a turn-key setup, capable of performing erasure on up to 48 hard drives and/or drive enclosures simultaneously.



Blancco High Volume Server Eraser Blancco Flash Appliance Blancco Toolkit

Blancco High Volume Server Eraser

A complete solution to erase large volumes (up to 4,000) of servers simultaneously in data center environments, offering centralized management and control of the erasure process, plug-and-play functionality and a 100% offline solution (with online capabilities).

Blancco Flash Appliance

An easy-to-use volume processing solution to securely erase SD cards or USB sticks, promoting processing efficiency as an all-in-one hardware solution with full reporting and auditing capabilities.


Blancco Toolkit

A portable, lightweight, standalone data erasure appliance that doesn’t require a network or Internet connection, allowing for fully monitored data erasure both on-site and off-site, as well as data leak prevention in single or multiple-site locations.

Key Benefits

  • All Blancco Hardware Solutions share the following features and benefits:
  • All-in-one erasure for ease of use
  • Convenient set-up to work within your existing business processes
  • Customizable, digitally signed certificate of erasure
  • Option to export erasure reports to an external storage or cloud system
  • Regulatory compliance to the most stringent standards

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