Axis offers intelligent security solutions that enable a smarter, safer world. As the market leader in network video, Axis is driving the industry by continually launching innovative network products based on an open platform – delivering high value to customers through a global partner network. Axis has long-term relationships with partners and provides them with knowledge and ground-breaking network products in existing and new markets.

Axis has around 3,800 dedicated employees in more than 50 countries around the world, supported by a global network of over 90,000 partners. Axis was founded in 1984 and has its headquarters in Lund, Sweden.

Sound detection

Combining sound and vision increases the capabilities and efficiency of your surveillance network. Audio analytics detect developing incidents, aggressive behavior, and noise pollution, giving you the chance to respond immediately.

Audibly expanding your monitoring capabilities

Sound detection adds an extra dimension to active incident management by catching audible indicators of imminent threats. Combining the advanced processing power of Axis cameras with deep-learning AI acoustic algorithms from our partners, we automatically filter through the “noise” to alert you to actionable security events. Beyond video, sound detection can be combined with advanced microphone technology to help city planners analyze areas of harmful noise pollution within their cities. Additionally, it can also be paired with other types of sensors to detect a range of unusual events in hospitals, schools, prisons and shopping malls.

Adding new dimensions to your video surveillance

Upset crowd of protester with a megaphone in a demonstration

Alert by sound, verification by vision

With sound detection as part of your surveillance network, you can be more proactive in tackling security incidents or threats. The combination of Axis cameras with microphones and audio analytics, reliably alert security teams to gunshots, breaking glass, car alarms, and verbal aggression. What’s more, our PTZ Autotracking technology automatically zooms in on the source of the sound to provide security operators with live video and full situational awareness, enabling them to respond quickly and appropriately to mitigate an incident before it escalates.
Busy city crowd one man in focus trying to talk in his phone but the surroundings is too loud

Noise pollution – fighting an invisible menace

More than just a nuisance, noise pollution is a serious threat to public health, both physically and psychologically. So it’s no wonder why city officials prioritize noise reduction as a strategy to improve livability. Whether from traffic, construction sites, shopping malls, or bars and restaurants, network microphones from Axis and our partners can be used to monitor noise levels throughout your city. Combining sound detection with embedded analytics on our cameras also makes it possible to visualize and analyze the source of the problem, giving you the chance to take action that can have a genuine impact on citizens’ quality of life.

Nurse helping fallen man

Hearing what can’t be seen

For environments where video is not appropriate for continual surveillance, sound detection using microphones or other IoT sensors can deliver valuable situational awareness. In hospitals, sound detection alerts caregivers to patient falls without compromising their privacy. It also alerts school officials to potential bullying in restrooms. And in office buildings, factories or public areas where video surveillance is not allowed, it can measure acoustic compliance and detect sound anomalies. Upon detecting an actionable sound, the alert can also trigger additional technology, like video surveillance or a pre-recorded message from an Axis network speaker. It’s a smart way to ensure a high standard of ethical surveillance.

Vehicle access control

Vehicle access solutions from Axis help you improve access control with straightforward systems that suit your needs – from simple vehicle entrance and exit to advanced access control. And there’s a perfect solution for everyone.

The easy way to access control

Do you simply want to ensure that only known vehicles enter your sites? Or do you need more options and tighter control? Either way, there’s a vehicle access solution from Axis that’s right you. They’re cost-effective solutions for protecting people and property without manned guard stations and frequent guard tours. Instead, access is automated and security events trigger alarms and notifications. You can visually verify and assess the events, and deal with them accordingly. Our solutions are easy to install, manage, modify, and expand. They work seamlessly with Axis video, audio and access control systems, and best-of-class third-party systems.

Mobile surveillance

Make smart mobility a reality with video surveillance solutions that deliver safety and security, as well as an abundance of usable data and insight to improve your transport services.

Increasing visibility across your fleet

Our mobile surveillance solutions let you see what is happening in and around your vehicles – anywhere, anytime. Analytics applications from Axis and our partners transform network cameras into intelligent devices that help you actively manage incidents as they happen. The high-quality images they capture also provide context for your fleet management and telematics data. Our technology enables you to improve service levels and driver performance, while at the same time safeguarding your passengers and staff.

Safer travel, better service

With cloud-based video surveillance solutions designed for the demands of public transport, you can protect staff and passengers, and manage your operation more efficiently.

A new level of onboard surveillance

Axis mobile surveillance solutions are designed to overcome the challenges of traditional onboard surveillance. Your fleet can benefit from secure, connected technology that replaces expensive onboard hard disks and offers real-time viewing. When used in combination with edge-based audio and video analytics, your team can respond immediately to security risks like aggressive or disorderly passengers. Connected technology also means that you never have to wonder whether your cameras are working, and you can easily retrieve recordings to investigate accident claims and reduce insurance costs.

Technology to improve performance

Easy-to-use analytics software transforms your Axis surveillance system into a reliable and insightful source of data for passenger counting, occupancy, demographics and more. Video recordings provide valuable root-cause analysis of driving performance deviations as well as a basis for further training. They also help ensure that your drivers operate their vehicles safely. This combined insight can help you significantly optimize your transport service, as well as improve passenger satisfaction.

For rolling stock, logistics, and emergency vehicles

Our onboard cameras are specifically designed for challenging mobile environments. They withstand temperature variations, dust, moisture, extreme vibration and rapidly changing light conditions to deliver continuous high-definition images. Vandal-resistant cameras offer an extra level of protection and our Zipstream technology can help you save up to 50% of precious onboard storage space.

Cameras with LPR capabilities can automatically read license plates of passing vehicles.

For efficiency, security and improved service levels

Reliable license plate recognition (LPR) has traditionally been costly and only relevant for a limited number of applications.

The rapid development of IP cameras now allows for wider use of automatic LPR solutions. Depending on your needs, they can help to increase everyday efficiency, service levels or security.

Automatic recognition and actions

Our LPR solutions are based on an Axis camera and partner software that runs either on the camera or on a server. It automatically captures the license plate in real time, compares or adds it to a pre-defined list and then takes appropriate action such as opening a gate, adding a cost, or generating an alert.

Depending on surrounding light, the solution may require cameras with built-in IR-light or additional light sources for optimal performance.

Wide range of applications

Automatic LPR is a valuable solution for multiple applications, including:

  • Parking management where it facilitates – or even automates – payment, entry and exit
  • Toll roads, to enable free-flow through toll plazas
  • Airport traffic management, to ensure that only authorized vehicles can access the taxi / public transport lanes
  • Access control, where the gate is only opened for authorized vehicles and all visiting vehicles automatically are registered
  • Vehicle alerts, where the solution provides an automatic alert when any of the vehicles on a watch list passes by

Body worn solutions

Body worn solutions from Axis capture valuable evidence. And they’re an effective way to deter bad behavior and positively influence the actions of camera wearers and the public alike.

Solutions that work with yours

Plug Axis body worn system right into an Axis video management system (VMS) or evidence management system (EMS), for an end-to-end solution from Axis. Or you choose a system from one of our trusted partners or your current system.  You can store video in the cloud or onsite. Either way you’ll do a better-than-ever job of deterring and protecting, and of gathering documentation and forensic evidence.  And of course, Axis body worn solutions always give you superior image quality and video that holds up in court.