AttivoAttivo Networks, the leader in identity detection and response, delivers a superior defense for preventing privilege escalation and lateral movement threat activity. The ThreatDefend® Platform provides unprecedented visibility to risks, attack surface reduction, and attack detection across critical points of attack, including endpoints, in Active Directory, and cloud environments.

Organizations are shifting to an identity-first posture for cybersecurity with today’s distributed workforce and migration to the cloud. Attivo Networks has expanded beyond its deception-based detection technology portfolio to Identity Detection and Response (IDR) solutions to help enterprise customers address increased attack destructiveness and expanded attack surfaces. The scalable portfolio of endpoint, Active Directory, and cloud protection solutions provides organizations with enhanced attack prevention, reduced dwell times and accelerated incident response.

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Active Directory Protection

Attacking Active Directory and obtaining admin-level access is one the attacker’s primary objectives. Active Directory and Domain Controllers are prime reconnaissance targets to hunt for privileged credentials and privileged access. Attivo Networks provides innovative solutions for accessing Active Directory cyber hygiene, identifying specific domain, computer, and user level risks and detecting live attacks.

Identity-based attacks are on the rise, and modern organizations must detect when attackers exploit, misuse, or steal enterprise identities. At these attacks is the primary attack target – Active Directory (AD).

Protecting Active Directory has become increasingly complex in recent years due to distributed organizations, pervasive access and a multitude of objects with varying levels of privilege and domain control. Monitoring and securing an environment is an ongoing challenge, and if that control is lost to an attacker can bring dire consequences.

The need to protect identities and detect identity-based attack activity are gaining in priority, especially since attackers steal credentials and leverage (AD) to progress their attacks.  Adopting solutions that protect identities is vital, given the damages occurring from identity misuse.

Identity Detection and Response solutions help mitigate the challenges of protecting the critical data and credentials within Active Directory.

Exposure Visibility for Cloud Environments

Gain visibility to cloud identity risks and entitlement exposures to reduce the attack surface across the enterprise.

Organizations are adopting public cloud infrastructures at a growing pace. This growth brings unanticipated security challenges in the public cloud with user identity management and the explosion in “non-human” identities, such as applications, virtual machines, containers, serverless functions, and other objects. Attackers can take advantage of these entitlements to access workloads and data within the cloud and leverage it to compromise the enterprise network. These identities and entitlements increase the attack surface, and therefore the risks, to the organization.

Security teams gain actionable awareness of cloud identity and entitlement exposures so that they can see risky areas and drift from security policies. Attivo solutions make it easy to identify and reduce risk by providing intuitive and interactive graphical visualizations for cloud identities, roles/permissions, and resources. Defenders now gain the visibility needed to see misconfigurations and excess permissions that can be leveraged by attackers to create attack paths and persistence within the cloud environment.


Graph the end-to-end relationships between objects to understand the extent of access and how it was granted.


Deception Detection and Response

Gain unparalleled attack prevention, detection, and adversary intelligence collection with cyber deception and data concealment technologies. Innovations in decoy, cloaking, and deflection technologies efficiently derail attacker discovery, lateral movement, privilege escalation, and collection activities early in the attack cycle across endpoints, Active Directory, network devices, cloud infrastructure, and IoT/ OT attack surfaces.

Attivo solutions provide immediate value with in-network visibility into attack activity, prevention of malicious access to sensitive and critical data and accounts, and early detection and alerting of discovery, lateral movement, and privilege escalation activities. The company achieves this with innovations in Active Directory protection, endpoint defenses, and network security to reduce the attack surface, misdirect attack activity, and conceal sensitive or critical data.

Attackers have proven themselves capable of evading defenses to breach networks. They masquerade as legitimate employees, use stolen credentials, and take advantage of detection gaps to infiltrate a network, all while remaining undetected for extended dwell times. Security teams are challenged to be successful 100% of the time, whereas an attacker must only get lucky once. It’s now time to turn the tables on attackers with advanced solutions capable of revealing adversaries when they attempt to look or move around.

Attivo solutions provide extensive visibility into in-network attack activity across any attack surfaces, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or at remote locations. Unique cyber deception technology provide capabilities to deceive, misdirect, and hide and deny access to critical data to prevent account compromise and misinform discovery activity. They derail in-network lateral movement with early detection and alerting as attackers attempt to look or move around between systems. The mere act of observation reveals the attacker early in the attack cycle, empowering organizations to rapidly respond to threats inside the network before the attackers can cause extensive damage.




See attack activity across any attack surface, regardless of location.

Proactive Prevention


Deny attackers from exploiting high-privileged accounts and sensitive data.

In-Network Detection


Alert on in-network discovery, lateral movement, and privilege escalation activity.


Attivo solutions provide “eyes within the network” visibility to threats that have evaded perimeter defenses. By interweaving detection assets within the network, security teams can accurately and efficiently alert on discovery, lateral movement, and privilege escalation activities, improving time to detection and reducing attacker dwell time.

Attivo Within the Security Control Stack




Attackers take their time, and assume they can move slowly through the network to avoid detection.



Attackers will move laterally inside the network and escalate privileges to reach critical assets.

derailing attacks


Most attackers trust the information they steal is real and will act accordingly.

Attack Prevention and Detection

Deception and Denial work hand-in-hand to prevent and detect discovery, lateral movement, and privilege escalation attack activities. While deception misdirects attacks and gathers critical adversary intelligence, denial prevents attackers from seeing and exploiting essential information to progress their attack and compromise sensitive data.