Untraceable SmartPhone Samsung Galaxy S23

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Untraceable SmartPhone (UTP) to protect against active and semi-active monitoring.
UTP-Scheme.pngUntraceable SmartPhone is a smartphone-based device that connects only to high-quality cellular base stations. The device uses a state-of-the-art algorithm to analyze connection attempts in real-time and avoids connecting to base stations that offer low-quality service.
This ensures a better cellular experience and reduces the risk of connecting to suspicious base stations that could eavesdrop on user communications.


red1.jpg Prevents connections to base stations offering low-quality service while maintaining uninterrupted cellular connectivity
red1.jpg Supports latest cellular technologies: 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G-NSA / 5G-SA
red1.jpg Dual SIM support
red1.jpg Prevents leaking private identifiers, such as IMSI and IMEI, to low-quality service base stations
red1.jpg Available on the latest Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphone lineup
red1.jpg Efficient implementation that has minimal impact on battery life
How it works

Untraceable SmartPhone intelligently avoids base stations providing degraded Quality of Service (QoS). The reasons for avoiding a base station include:

red1.jpg Poor network characteristics, such as high latency, jitter, packet loss.
red1.jpg Base stations with configuration parameters significantly deviating from the ones deployed by the network provider (for example, virtual BTS or privately installed BTS).
red1.jpg Rogue BTS, such as IMSI catchers.
Our UTP with 100% probability find any active interceptor, as well as an IMSI catcher. Regardless of its value and the manufacturer.
Upon detecting a connection attempt to a base station offering degraded QoS, Untraceable SmartPhone promptly detects and blocks the attempt before any exchange of network identifiers, such as IMSI or IMEI, takes place. This ensures avoiding connections to base stations providing low-quality service while maintaining the security of user identifier data.

Untraceable SmartPhone relies on specific hardware and is exclusively designed for the following device models:

Samsung S23
Samsung S23+
Samsung S23 Ultra
Additional Product Information
Weak A5. Phone interception alerts
IMEI. Automatic or Manual phone IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) change
UTP. Firmware modification that enables the phone to become untraceable
Interception. Set of built-in commands for modifying and viewing interception related parameters
Ability to operate as a standard mobile phone