Fortinet FortiGate 40F – 3 Year 24×7 FortiCare and FortiGuard Enterprise Protection

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FortiGate-40F Hardware plus 3 Year 24×7 FortiCare and FortiGuard Enterprise Protection

The FortiGate-40F appliance packaged with a 3 Year 24×7 FortiCare and FortiGuard Enterprise Protection subscription provides a long-term, comprehensive network security solution tailored to meet the needs of small to mid-sized businesses, branch offices, and certain enterprise deployments. This bundle not only includes robust hardware but also a multi-year suite of support and advanced security services to ensure an organization’s network remains secure and efficiently managed over an extended period.

FortiGate-40F Hardware:

  • Advanced Security: Integrates next-generation firewall capabilities with a range of security features, including VPN, intrusion prevention, and application control.
  • High Performance: Designed for small to medium-sized business environments, offering high throughput to accommodate their growing bandwidth demands.
  • FortiOS: Runs on Fortinet’s proprietary operating system, providing access to a comprehensive suite of network security and visibility features.
  • Versatile Connectivity: Features several Gigabit Ethernet interfaces to cater to various networking needs and deployment scenarios.

3 Year 24×7 FortiCare:

  • Around-the-clock Support: Continuous access to Fortinet’s technical support team at any hour, which is invaluable for maintaining uptime and addressing issues promptly.
  • Software Management: Regular software updates and security patches to keep the FortiGate appliance current with the latest security protections and features.
  • Hardware Service: In the event of a hardware issue, the package includes a commitment to quick hardware replacement, minimizing potential downtime.

FortiGuard Enterprise Protection:

  • Extended Security Services: Offers a full array of FortiGuard services such as advanced malware protection, security ratings, and mobile security for a comprehensive enterprise security strategy.
  • Layered Threat Protection: Protection spans from known exploits to zero-day threats with services like antivirus, botnet detection, and intrusion prevention systems.
  • Security Rating and Compliance: Helps organizations maintain their security posture and align with compliance requirements through continual assessments and recommendations.
  • Indicators of Compromise (IoC): A proactive measure for identifying and mitigating compromised systems within the network.
  • Mobile Security: Offers additional layers of security for mobile devices, an essential feature for businesses with a mobile workforce or BYOD policies.
  • Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR): Enhances security by stripping all active content from files in real-time, reconstructing them to eliminate possible threats, which is particularly useful in mitigating advanced persistent threats (APTs) and ransomware.

Choosing the FortiGate 40F with an extended 3-year FortiCare and FortiGuard Enterprise Protection subscription is a strategic investment for businesses seeking to ensure long-term, uninterrupted protection against an ever-evolving threat landscape. It provides peace of mind with its full-coverage warranty and technical support, as well as a sophisticated stack of security services that are constantly updated to counteract the latest security threats. This bundle would be especially beneficial for organizations that desire stability in their IT budgeting and network security planning over a multi-year period.