Media Center | ZscalerHailing from the vibrant landscapes of South Africa and extending its influence over 18 African nations, Secur proudly unveils its collaboration with Zscaler, a forerunner in cloud security solutions. This partnership aspires to amplify cloud security and digital agility throughout Africa, leveraging the unique expertise and capabilities of both entities.

Zscaler is a trailblazer in cloud-native security, offering a suite of solutions tailored to ensure the safe and seamless operation of businesses in a digital-first world. By displacing traditional security perimeters with a cloud-based architecture, Zscaler facilitates agility, scalability, and comprehensive protection.

Zscaler Private Access, the per-app security service from Zscaler, now  offered by Secon Cyber SecurityKey Offerings from Zscaler Include:

  • Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA): A cloud-based solution that transforms network security by routing traffic through Zscaler’s security stack, ensuring secure access to the internet and cloud services.
  • Zscaler Private Access (ZPA): Offers secure access to internal applications without exposing the network, replacing traditional VPN solutions.
  • Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA): Ensures that only authenticated users with compliant devices can access specific applications.
  • Secure Access Service Edge (SASE): An integrated solution that combines network transformation with security to ensure secure access to applications and data, regardless of location.
  • Cloud Security Posture Management: Evaluates and rectifies misconfigurations in cloud environments to reduce the risk of data breaches.

The Confluence of Secur and Zscaler: Elevating Africa’s Cloud Security Paradigm:

Amidst Africa’s burgeoning digital renaissance, the alliance between Secur and Zscaler stands as a milestone in advancing cloud security and agility.

With Secur’s expansive African presence and an unwavering commitment to extending services throughout the continent, the partnership is primed to deploy Zscaler’s revolutionary cloud security solutions. Spearheading this vision is Secur’s highly qualified team, adept at tailoring Zscaler’s solutions to the distinct nuances and challenges inherent to the African digital landscape.

In essence, the Secur-Zscaler partnership encapsulates a shared ambition of fostering a secure and agile digital Africa. As the cloud continues to shape the continent’s digital future, stakeholders can be assured of a collaboration rooted in local expertise and global cloud security excellence.