Secur, a premier security and services enterprise birthed in South Africa, proudly presents its collaboration with Splunk. This alliance epitomizes our steadfast dedication to ushering contemporary technological solutions across Africa, bolstering Secur’s leading role in the continental arena.

Splunk stands out as a trailblazer in the realm of data-to-everything, transforming machine data into actionable insights. Their core solutions include:

  • Splunk Enterprise: A platform for searching, monitoring, and examining machine-generated big data, via a web-style interface.
  • Splunk Cloud: Offers the capabilities of Splunk Enterprise with the convenience of a SaaS model.
  • Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI): Employs AI to offer insights into IT operations, allowing for predictive analytics and proactive issue resolution.
  • Splunk Phantom: An orchestration, automation, and response tool to streamline security operations.
  • Splunk Insights for Infrastructure: An integrated, out-of-the-box monitoring solution combining metrics and logs to provide real-time insights.

By leveraging Splunk’s suite, organizations can harness their data, derive actionable intelligence, and respond faster to operational and security issues.

From its foundational base in South Africa, Secur has manifested its prowess, marking an indelible presence across 18 pivotal African nations. While these serve as operational epicenters, Secur’s wide-reaching services are readily accessible to all corners of the African expanse, echoing our unyielding commitment to advancing the continent’s security and digital frontiers.

Secur’s meteoric trajectory can be attributed to its assembly of highly qualified specialists. Equipped with profound industry insights and a visionary outlook, they continuously strive to sculpt solutions that seamlessly align with each client’s unique blueprint. Our synergy with Splunk is a testament to our strategy of converging with globally acclaimed technological titans, setting unparalleled benchmarks for digital solutions in Africa.