Secur, an acclaimed security and services organization established in South Africa, is delighted to reveal its collaborative venture with SCADAfence. This alliance magnifies our pursuit of offering leading-edge cybersecurity and digital services throughout Africa, affirming Secur’s significant stature in the region.

SCADAfence specializes in cybersecurity solutions for operational technology (OT) environments, focusing on industries that rely heavily on industrial control systems (ICS) and SCADA systems. Their groundbreaking solutions include:

  • Continuous Network Monitoring – Real-time monitoring of OT networks to identify anomalies, unauthorized actions, and potential threats.
  • Asset Discovery & Management – A comprehensive overview of all devices and communication patterns in the OT network.
  • Risk Assessment – Evaluation of network vulnerabilities and potential risks, assisting in prioritization and mitigation.
  • Governance & Compliance – Tools to ensure OT networks align with industry-specific regulatory standards and best practices.
  • Threat Detection & Response – Proactive detection of threats combined with actionable insights for rapid response.
  • Segmentation & Access Control – Strategies and tools for effectively segmenting OT networks and controlling access to critical systems.

By offering these state-of-the-art solutions, SCADAfence aids businesses in protecting their most crucial operations and infrastructures against ever-evolving cyber threats.

Emerging from its South African origins, Secur has progressively expanded its footprint, now operating in 18 African countries. Yet, it’s paramount to stress that while Secur has a firm base in these 18 nations, our comprehensive services resonate across the entirety of the African landscape, epitomizing our unwavering commitment to the continent’s security and digital transformation needs.

The backbone of Secur’s triumphs is our highly qualified ensemble of professionals. With their vast expertise and industry acumen, our team remains committed to delivering tailored solutions that address the specific needs of every client. Our synergy with SCADAfence amplifies our dedication to leveraging premier global technologies for the benefit of the African diaspora.