Keysight TechnologiesSecur, a security trailblazer rooted in South African soil, proudly showcases its strategic alliance with Keysight, a global frontrunner in electronic design and test solutions. This collaboration marries Secur’s deep regional insights with Keysight’s innovative technology, extending an unparalleled suite of cybersecurity services throughout the African continent.

MobileStack Software Suite | KeysightKeysight is revered for its extensive array of cutting-edge solutions, poised to redefine the realms of electronic design, test, measurement, and cybersecurity. Key offerings by Keysight include:

  • Network Visibility & Security Solutions: Keysight’s network visibility products provide real-time, end-to-end visibility, and insights into physical, virtual, and cloud networks, crucial for robust network performance and security.
  • Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Tools: Catering to the need for precision and innovation, Keysight’s EDA software accelerates the design process of electronic products from concept to prototype.
  • Test & Measurement Instruments: Keysight supplies a broad spectrum of testing instruments, setting the industry standard in precision and engineering quality, ensuring devices and networks operate at peak performance.
  • Cybersecurity Solutions: In the realm of cybersecurity, Keysight’s solutions empower organizations to validate the resilience of network architectures against threats, ensuring that cybersecurity strategies are both robust and reliable.

With Keysight’s solutions, businesses can anticipate and overcome complex challenges, ensuring security, compliance, and efficient operations in various sectors including telecommunications, aerospace, and electronic manufacturing services.

Since its inception, Secur has been a beacon of innovation and reliability in the African cybersecurity landscape. With operations spanning 18 African countries and a service umbrella that covers the entire continent, Secur stands as a testament to homegrown expertise paired with global partnerships.

Our high-caliber team is at the heart of Secur’s service promise. With a roster of highly qualified professionals, we are poised to tailor solutions that leverage Keysight’s technologies to address unique security challenges. Each expert at Secur is selected for their in-depth knowledge and ability to innovate, ensuring that our collaboration with Keysight translates into value for our clients, bolstering their defense against an ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.