From its origins in the technologically rich soils of South Africa and with operations spanning 18 key African territories, Secur proudly announces its partnership with F5. This collaboration signifies a giant leap in ensuring application services and security flourish throughout the African continent, leveraging the combined strengths and values of both entities.

F5 is a global leader renowned for its prowess in application services, ensuring that applications are fast, available, and secure. By bridging the gap between application infrastructure and end-users, F5 plays an indispensable role in the delivery, security, performance, and internal operations of many of the world’s most prominent digital ecosystems.

Key Offerings from F5 Include:

  • Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs): Ensures that applications are highly available, accelerated, and secure with optimized performance.
  • Application Security: Provides a range of solutions from Web Application Firewalls (WAF) to DDoS protection, ensuring applications remain uncompromised.
  • Multi-Cloud Management: Ensures consistent application services across diverse cloud environments.
  • Identity and Access Management: Facilitates secure, policy-driven access to applications regardless of location or device.
  • F5 BIG-IP Platforms: A suite of products designed to manage the application experience (AX) and maintain application availability, performance, and security.

Against the backdrop of Africa’s accelerating digital metamorphosis, the collaboration between Secur and F5 stands out as a testament to what’s possible in the realm of application services and security.

With Secur’s expansive operational canvas and its commitment to spanning the breadth of Africa, the partnership is strategically positioned to expand and enhance the reach of F5’s transformative solutions. Spearheading this mission is Secur’s highly qualified team, tasked with tailoring F5’s globally recognized services to meet and exceed the unique demands and aspirations of the African digital landscape.

In essence, the alliance between Secur and F5 paints a promising vision of a digitally resilient and advanced Africa. As the continent’s digital aspirations soar, this partnership promises a foundation built on unparalleled application services and security expertise, tailored for Africa by those who understand it best.